Friday, January 28, 2011

amy henslee

BANGOR TOWNSHIP — A suspect is in custody in the disappearance of Amy Sue Henslee, Van Buren County Prosecutor Juris Kaps said early today.

A medical examiner arrived at the scene early this morning as police investigators continued to search for evidence in a wooded area off County Road 687 in Van Buren County.

Henslee, a 30-year-old Hartford Township woman, has been missing since Monday.

Asked at the scene at 3 a.m. if police still have an active missing persons case, Kaps said, “I don’t believe we are going to.”

Police were using shovels and had brought in a Bobcat to dig in a wooded area of the property in the 42000 block of CR 687, near Van Auken Lake north of Hartford. They had been on the scene for several hours and were using all-terrain vehicles to get to an area illuminated with portable lights hundreds of yards back off the road.

Kaps as of 3 a.m. declined to identify the suspect, but said he was 30 or 31 years old. He said the man did not currently live at that location on CR 687. "At this time, he lives at a different address," the prosecutor said.

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