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Friendship Day

Friendship Day

The United Nations, July 31 (APP): the first international day of friendship, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Sunday urged the world community to work together to build a peaceful and more prosperous world, where flourishing cronyism and made new ones. "Harmony, tolerance, mutual respect, Friendship and mutual concern, these concepts are part of the Agency [United Nations] very fibres" said ban. "The Member shall inform our activities, from peacekeeping and human rights for our collective efforts to achieve poverty reduction Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
"And now is the focus of the international day of friendship, a new observance established by the General Assembly in a resolution, which stresses the possibilities of friendship ' Building bridges ' and ' inspiring ' peace efforts," he said.
Ban stated that the United Nations Charter declares that one of the purposes of the United Nations is to develop friendly relations among Nations, words which also appear in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of human rights.
The Constitution of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), he added, also stressed the need for peace, which is not only about the political and economic arrangements of Governments, but also of mental and moral solidarity of mankind.
The Secretary-General said that individual friendships brought mankind face
to cope with diversity and differing views, as well as joy and supports, without prejudice to the testing requirements can overwhelm even the best relationships.
"The pillars that support the same sturdy close friendly personal relationship of trust, respect, mutually beneficial decisions also have important role in the community of Nations," he said.
He mentioned the late Woodrow Wilson, a former President of the United States, who once said: "the friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne

Standing on the battlefield at Culloden a few years ago, my companion understood dreich, sad moor and said: "thank God we have lost." this is heresy in the Highlands of Scotland, so I glanced up sharply as he went: "If I had won Charlie Catholics." it is fair to say that the monarchy in Scotland, if at all, remains the top wrap in some ancient prejudices.

It is remarkable how little Scottish obsess on their family in comparison with our neighbours in the Union. The Royals visit during the summer, but unless you live in Deeside won't know. There is a summer party invitations, Holyrood referred to ironically (but with secret pride). The Royal yacht, where Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall had a wedding swally is stationed in Leith docks, tourists gawked and occasional Scottish wanting to see where Princess Diana loses her virginity. Lèse majesté is a national sport.

Reasons to go away. Our King, James VI became James I of England in 1603 Union of Crowns. When his line Edan voted against William of Orange, was greeted by many Scots incomer. But William never visited, nor his successor Queen Anne, who saw through the parliaments of the Union of 1707.

In fact, no monarch fell to George IV in 1822. It says, because our arrival perked up, naming each square and the bridge we after him. Our previous contempt masked a hankering. For similar reasons, Scotland was fond of Victoria, it is said that the train North will draw blinds to block the blighted English North, opened only when it was over the border. Oh yes, we liked it. But it was still a bit up itself – like a statue of Arthur's seat – thus rumors flourished, culminating in Mr. Brown, a film about how it was rough love a ghillie who got over the death of Albert.

The Queen Mother was certainly discussed, because it was from the County of Angus. But the main question was whether it was without prejudice to the provisions of a kid-swap, and was indeed the daughter of a woman of the village, so it was a "wee bauchle FAE Kirriemuir." And the Queen? The usual supine view except the archers, a group of elderly men, who dress as Robin Hood, which acts as a bodyguard, as well as between them the 103% of the Earth. The Duke of Edinburgh? Please! Prince Charles? Little interest, even if the talking flowers reflect the title of one of Scotland's most famous poems, Hugh MacDiarmid, A drunk man looks at the Thistle.

Small hot glint in Scotland once again saved for Princess Anne. The Royal regular is often in Scotland and, for once, was believed to be the Princess ' Lyon ', a kind of Queen of Scots. Barely a game Rugby passes without the support of Scotland from the stands. The link – despite sports rumors – due to her son, Peter, playing for the Scotland under-18s while at Gordonstoun public school.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

We've been pretty lucky here at MTV News to get our hands on Ryan Gosling (figuratively speaking, of course) many times during his career, impressive. And with the actor's soul daily (abs) in the romantic comedy this Weekend "Crazy, stupid, love," was the perfect time to dig through our archives to curate a collection of our favourite Ryan Gosling points. (A hard work, it was not.)

Without further ADO, click past the jump to Enjoy Ryan Gosling: crush cut.

5. ' Office ' claim
When caught by Ryan promoting drama "Blue Valentine" at the 2010 Festival, we wanted to know if he had heard of Ricky Gervais ' dream to see him play somebody confuses the Uzi-NBC series visits. He had, and it was confusing. Kind of.

4. Hey girl
F — Yeah! Ryan Gosling is well aware of the internet itself. And agreed, adorably, read some of the hilarious Tumblr posts for us, peppering in his smart comment in the process. Sample: "here is a look at some of my ducks, and I'm on some kind of ' star trek ' jacket. I don't know why I have that. "

3. estimate Ab
For full disclosure: this is an interview with Gos. Instead, we used our mad skills to put together editing in a video highlighting the 30 years of the best moments on film shirtless. Here in the hope that the application just continues to grow ...

2. Hey Girl: the Sequel
Never leave well enough alone, we once accosted Ryan with Hey girl! prints, and he agreed with a dramatic. It is not only the addition of tyrwdes music and gauzy special effects that help this video above first. Are near 20 seconds without breaking giggles, the deep shade of scarlet Ryan neck becomes embarrassed and his statement that "this is so stupid," truly this redeux something special.

1. the 2005 MTV Movie Awards best Kiss
It is so much to love about this epic clip Ryan and girl co-star and former "Notepad" Rachel McAdams accepts the Golden clarified for best film of the year — smooch from Rachel aythadis fanbelt adaptation of Ryan come hither gesture hand. The only thing that does not love us? The fact that we did not star in this video, along with Ryan.

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The Connecticut Sun had the opportunity to move into first place, but lost. … and lost. … He lost again.

It was that kind of night.

"Our awful shot," said Renee Montgomery, who made only four of 13 shots of the Sun 69-58 loss to the Indiana fever of the Mohegan Sun arena on Thursday night. "And when I saw very, I mean in particular. … Shots that earned us every day. "

Alta Vista

Alta Vista

Alta Vista, a locally based insurance agency in California, is looking for ways to keep clients educated and protected from any risk exposures.
With brush fires an unfortunate but common occurrence during the warmer summer months, it is time to examine the lurking danger California weather. Warm summer evenings, when the air is still and dry, it is a natural catalyst for California brush fires. Both as a local tenant, what can be done to protect your property from possible damage of fire?

* Design and landscape your home with wildfire safety in mind-Select plants that are less flammable and is better in containing fires, rather than feeding them. Deciduous trees, for example, is better than pines and firs.
* Remove any vines growing on the side of the residence, remove all branches and shrubs within a radius of 15 foot stovepipes or chimney outlets.

* Each Stack firewood and scrap wood for at least 10 feet away from his residence, all other combustible materials shall be at least 20 feet away.

* Storage of gasoline and other flammable materials in approved safety cans away from the base of each property and structures in a secure location.

* Most importantly, Stay informed about your current home insurance California coverage, understanding of what it does or what it does not provide a specific policy is vital to ensuring your property gets the necessary protection. Standard home insurance plans will cover the structure of your home, liability, costs, replacement costs if living with a serious disaster, and the coverage for personal property, up to a specified limit.

According to the California Department of forestry and fire protection from last year 4, brush fires claimed 27,973 872California acres throughout the State. Although it is unpredictable as to when a wildfire can strike, to what extent can spread damage or direction of the wind may carry the flames, one thing is for certain-protect your home from the elements that you should always remain a priority.

About Alta Vista Security Agency shall:

Established in 1927, Alta Vista security is a complete Vista service dedicated to providing the insurance institution of superior California insurance. As an independent insurance intermediaries, Alta Vista security has access to a variety of quality insurance carriers, permitting the Agency to offer the best rates throughout California, as well as ensure that can offer the best CA insurance options available. Alta Vista security functions as an insurance agency in California for over 80 years, with a strong conviction to treat all customers with respect and unmatched customer service they deserve. Choosing an insurance policy CA can be an overwhelming task, which is why Alta Vista insurance wants you to feel comfortable in the Agency's ability to match you with the best design possible.

Amber Alert

Amber Alert

EDMONTON – what began as a metropolitan in Amber outside Park Ottewell Community League came to appear as a tempest in a teapot and Thursday – acting James Regan Insp ... could not be happier as emergency crews "stood down".
City police ended the Amber Alert after six hours, roped "massive" amounts of resources, James said.

The alarm – issued without a missing child report – started with a call by the park staff about suspicious male leaving Ottewell Park with a boy who appeared to be unrelated to him.

Something about the time of man disturbed Park personnel, said James.

"Right around 2 p.m., we had a young fella – between 6 and 8 years – left the Park in what was called" an uncommon male ', "he said in the early hours of the crisis.

«The park staff did speak for adults that seemed a little strange –. This just doesn't seem as if it belonged to the child … This just doesn't look right for the staff here at the Center, "he said.

As the evening wore, the community responded to the alarm with good news.

The quest was safe and sound, had visited a male relative, did belong to him and he was back safe and sound at home in another part of the city, once the news broke.

"We have six great tips and they reflect our things," said James.

"The grandmother had seen the Amber – this is simply not put two and two together, unfortunately," said James.

Drawing from the good news, emergency responses left a much lighter mood.

James has been estimated that there were 20 workers and rescue, five or six K-9 handlers, 50 or so members of the police force, and a number of undercover officers.

Asked if the result can make people hesitate to file reports, James welcomed the call proved to be unfounded.

"It was really was an appropriate response," he said. "I'm absolutely fine with how that went the whole day".

After everyone left, a rainbow broke out the sunset and Bob Hutchison was pleased with the results.

Chairman of Ottewell Community, said personnel from the correct alert police of their concerns.

"You always, if there is a problem, phone the police – are not incorrectly interpret yourself," he said.

Hutchison said the idea of a good sound input sheet, but it can be difficult to find compliance by participants, in particular the freedom of information and Privacy Act considerations.

In addition, he said, the summer program – to draw 200 youngsters on hot day – are not a substitute for parental supervision.

HP support

HP support

HP already has plenty of its own cloud solutions for services vary in scale and private and public. However, because the OpenStack is a collaborative effort and free for all under the Apache 2.0 license, many other technology companies have found a benefit in support of the project.

Vice President of HP cloud services, Emil Sayegh, wrote about the company's blog:
HP recognizes that open and interoperable cloud infrastructure and services are crucial in delivering the next generation of cloud-based services for developers, businesses and consumers. It is our belief that the close collaboration with developer communities in conjunction with a global portfolio of HP are cornerstones for achieving seamless, and secure experience for our customers.

Sayegh has continued that HP will maintain "active role" within the community OpenStack, as some of HP's cloud development groups are already active participation in Launchpad and OpenStack IRC channel.

OpenStack is a Consortium founded by RackSpace and NASA serving as massively scalable cloud operating system. Other IT giants that have acknowledged support for Dell include OpenStack, Cisco, Intel and Citrix. a.



An AWOL soldier who had weapons stashed in a motel room near Fort Hood admitted planning an attack on the station, Texas, where 13 people died in 2009, the worst mass shooting ever in an American military facility, the army said in a notice issued Thursday.

PFC. Naser Abdo, a 21-year-old soldier who was a conscientious situation this year, after he said the Muslim beliefs prevented fighting, was arrested Wednesday. Agents found firearms and "items can be identified as bomb-making components, including gunpowder," in his motel room, according to FBI spokesman Erik Vasys.

The army sent via email, obtained by the Associated Press says Killeen police police arrested after a tip from the owners of a weapon and had been in possession of a large quantity of ammunition, weapons and a bomb in a backpack. "during the interrogation, says the alert, admitted planning an attack at Fort Hood.

Officials have not given details about the possible intentions of Abdo. The infantry soldier from Fort Campbell, Ky, whose hometown is in Garland, Texas, on the situation of conscientious last year. A military Commission recommended revising this spring, that is to be separated from the army.

But the relief was delayed after Abdo was charged with possessing child pornography. Owensboro civilian spokesman Bob Jenkins said Abdo "was fully aware that he was being investigated for possession of child pornography from November of 2010." A military hearing last month, article 32, it is court-martialed-went absent without leave over the weekend of July 4.

DIVISION of criminal investigation of the military, along with the Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force also considered Abdo earlier this year after he was flagged for the unspecified anti-American comments taking a language class in April, according to an official us investigation.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is underway, said neither the military nor the task force discovered nothing to indicate at the time was planning an attack, Abdo, the official said.

Abdo's arrest came after the owners of a local gun store — in the same place where the Fort Hood shooting suspect 2009 Maj. Hasan Nidal organisation bought a pistol used in the attack — called police, said the warning of the army.

Store clerk Greg Ebert said the man arrived in a taxi Tuesday on arms LLC and purchased 6 kapnizomena pounds of gunpowder, three boxes of ammunition and a shotgun for a semi-automatic pistol magazine, paying around $ 250. Ebert said was because when the man tells many questions about the items didn't.

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips was a "Guest" as the world watched Kate marry Prince Street Park in a luxurious and very public ceremony.
Now is the order of seniority of the Queen's granddaughter to step into the light, as it ties the knot with Rugby star Mike Tindall Saturday.
As the Duke and Duchess of marriage, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be present, but this weekend of nuptials – already dubbed "the other" royal marriage – is set to be a world away from the ceremony in April.

Much of the detail of the day is kept secret, but the setting is a modest church of Edinburgh, in stark contrast to the splendor of Westminster Abbey and the glare of the media worldwide.

The Canongate Kirk is a short distance from Holyroodhouse, where removal of the pair, and it is understood that they travel in cars has carriages.

But while central London ground to halt in April as thousands of well-wishers turned out, only small crowds expected as Canogate has been closed to traffic.

While the glittering trophy guest list at Prince William and Miss Middleton marriage featured foreign personalities, politicians and representatives from the Church and charities, the case of Saturday likely will include stars from the world of Rugby and riding, where the main pair.
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips were married in November 1973
Royal historian Hugo Vickers says will be more "celebrity sporting occasion" by a Royal marriage.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today show

Today show

Almost, persist. Gibson, now 40, recalls listening to achievement of the single, a cover of Tiffany 1987 chart-supplement I believe we're only now, "every time I was on a plane during takeoff, because both driving. My sister and I had a Walkman and headphones, and we all will hear together. "

And Gibson 1988 Ballad lost in your eyes, another no. 1 hits, "is one of my favorite songs," She coos, 39.

"Aw, thank you," says Gibson. "See? It was a mutual admiration, always. "

Speaking at a rehearsal studio days before "journey through the ' 80s" — which includes five additional dates, folding in Chicago 13 Aug — Gibson and Tiffany have a complementary study in contrasts. Tiffany, now pursuing a career in country music, is enjoying jersey shirt and jeans acid-washing. Gibson, who spent much of the 20s and 30s performing in musical theatre, appeared in a long elegant pertly-sleeved mini dress.

The two initially joined forces to initiate aythadis horror Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, played on Syfy earlier this year. "I thought it would be something you'll love our fans," She says. "But people really had always expected to do something musical."

Gibson notes, "we are very different artists, with completely different influences. For this reason, but this show is so cool. "

As the title, the tour will, Gibson of the words, "the ' 80s for trailing" with each singer offers both its successes and personal favorites. (I also run together.) Gibson "incorporating lots of Straight-up pop, such as Michael Jackson and Madonna," a medley of Show tunes. "Tiffany suggested that, since Broadway influenced me greatly."

Tiffany plans to include selections by Stevie Nicks, Guns N ' Roses, and John Mellencamp. ' And Joan Jett, because when I was 12, I got a record deal, I used to sit in my lawn and hear you love rock and Roll, and think, "one day we will emerge from this city.»»

In their private lives, also, women have pursued differing paths. Tiffany is now the second marriage — "you'll have live country music," quips — and has a son of 19-year-old, a College sophomore studying to be civil engineer. Gibson has never Wed, although with the current friend, a doctor who specializes in preventive medicine, and a half years.

"Just me learning how to incorporate a true relation of my career," Gibson admits, adding, "there are very successful but lonely women in theatre, and this is where I spent the better part of 15 years, aged 21 to 38. When you do eight shows a week, you don't have time for much else. "

Both, however, that the same lucky survivors of early stardom. Gibson notes that at the height of the teen stars are not as great as now. We are not for Grammys, as was Justin Bieber. With us, was, ' Oh, don't really collect. ' Now have the entire award shows for teens. "

Tiffany items that she and Gibson may have retained their logic through the years "because we are songwriters. For me, were syntheses as therapy. I have kept my therapy. "

Gibson laughs. "I'm in therapy and write songs."

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy has just bought an airplane thirty-five million dollars as a gift for the twenty-first on himself. Not content with which analyze the abeyant of pattern, the rapper then poured 25 million dollars of the machine, this equipment in a bathroom, custom floors and four separate line areas.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that Soulja Boy paid for everything in cash. I should be surprised if he had the most cash items, but let's give the benefit of the doubt. How will the net worth must be to justify this purchase? The answer is probably well over a billion dollars. If Bill Gates shelled from fifty-five million at one level, I won't even bother to write a story about it. Has the money. Did Soulja Boy. Even if he has this extravagant market in suitcases full hundred dollar bills mafia style, yet there is no way of portfolio is large enough to justify this expenditure both at a level that pimped out.

X Games

X Games

Indianapolis, IN — the much-anticipated debut of Travis Pastrana in the nationwide series, has been on hold after the superstar action sports suffered a broken right foot and the heel during a motorcycle event x games on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Pastrana crashed while attempting a double "TP Roll maneuver of the motorcycle. During the broadcast of the x games, ESPN reported that Pastrana was moved to a nearby hospital for treatment. The injury will require surgery at a later date.

"I'm sorry this happened and it will be back in action, just might," Pastrana told ESPN shortly after his release from the hospital.

Pastrana, who owns 16 X Games gold medals and Championships in MotoGP, motocross and Rally racing, was scheduled to make his first appearance at the national level in the 200-lap race on the Saturday at Lucas Oil Expo in Indianapolis.

In what was described as "pastranathon", the 27-year-old tried to compete with the x games and the match at the national level in the same week.
Pastrana was scheduled to present the seven races this season, driving his Toyota No. 99-Waltrip Racing Pastrana. He is slated to compete in the September 9 event at Richmond International Raceway.

"As Fans everywhere, we were so excited about Travis ' debut Saturday night," team owner Michael Waltrip said in a statement. "We have a long-term vision with Travis, which includes many NASCAR. Can we expect to have healed and in our cars. We talked to our sponsor Boost Mobile, and agreed to withdraw from Indy and delay us debut. Have we waited so long for someone like Travis Pastrana. Will probably have to wait a little longer. "

Search engines

Search engines

Vienna, Austria – Mobile Internet is used more and more widely in the world today. Currently, more than six million people worldwide search for friends, family members, and business associates for the leading people search engine 123people, using a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet PC, iPad. In order to meet the growing needs of the mobile telephony market, 123people has completely redesigned the existing smartphone applications: apps for mobile search engine people freely available online with immediate effect for iPhones and Android phones in five different languages. Online search for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social network profiles and more people related to information is now more easily available for users of smartphones than ever.

"These new mobile applications, revolutionizing the search experience for our people on the Internet. With our mobile apps 123people, users can find contacts fast, easy and free, and learn more about specific people, or controlling their own digital footprint, "says Gilles Clouet des Pesruches, CEO of 123people. "With the newly revised and customized design and an intelligent menus, with which users to prioritize the search criteria, the apps become true Federated search engines that can be used anywhere and anytime: at home, at work or on the go."

An application for all occasions:
The scope of the new apps are different: 123people forgotten address, phone number or e-mail address you can find anytime and anywhere, with a few clicks. Contact may also be called directly, emailed or saved directly from the application. Before a business meeting a fast link checker can help with information and details on initialization. Even the digital footprint of the individual, a critical issue in today's online world, it is now easier than ever.

The functionality of the app at a glance: 123people
* Now find friends, acquaintances, business partners and celebrities even faster: the Pocket size 123people apps provide phone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses, photos, videos, web links, social network profiles, news, blog posts, search results, Amazon wish lists, documents, CVs and micro-blogs
* Check your own digital footprint more easily than ever
* Please call or send a text message straight to the phone with one click Search
* Store phone numbers, email addresses, etc., in the book orchestral
* To send e-mail messages directly to the email address search
* Instant Search of personal contacts
* Including pictures, videos, links, news or blogs instantly with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and email the results of the search market share
* Saving of search results, review them at a later stage

Languages supported:
* US English, Dutch, French, German and Italian

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 3,3 MB

Prices and availability:
The 123people apps are available online free of charge with immediate effect on Apple's iTunes store, in the category reference and for the purchase of Android. Are available on the Android version 2.1 from the iOS version 4.0 and is optimized for the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch. 123people is now available in 12 countries, the ten languages, as well as the app for iPhones and Android smartphones.

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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Linda Parisi and the client, Robert b. Adams, have denied the accusations against him. Adams also has found himself in a defensive stance regarding apparent deviations from a memoir presented as part of a bankruptcy case in 1999.

The resume said he had two degrees, masters and bachelor's both the credentials of education of the State.

Officials at the University of California, Northridge last week confirmed that Adams received a bachelor's degree in child development and psychology, 1975, but no record was found of him winning a teaching credential, as there's résumé claimed.

Similarly, the Commission on teacher Credentialing for California, said he had no entry educator credentials issued to Adams, even if the credentials are not required for private schools.

PARISI said Adams ' degree in child development by teaching credentials under Member Ryan Act, a program equivalence credential.

"The degree of b.a. fulfilled requirements for certification of teaching Ryan K-3," PARISI said the Associated Press on Tuesday.

The Commission on teacher Credentialing did not immediately return a phone call seeking verification.

Empty biography first reported from the Sacramento Bee.
He received a Masters in education from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena teachers in conjunction with the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Beverly Hills, which is no longer in operation.

PARISI said the University of Beverly Hills has a background as a teacher assesses Adams and issued the diploma graduate equivalency, so he could enter the Ph.d. program.

Deadly catch

Deadly catch

Deadly catch tribute to co-star Justin Tennison in the XI XI Tuesday night.
The episode of the show the reality of the Discovery Channel about crab fisherman was dedicated in Tennison, found dead in a hotel room Alaska in February. [See two excerpts from the finale at the end of this post].
History: ' Deadly Catch ' Co-star reminds Justin of last moments alive Tennison

Police arrived to the Best Western Bidarka Inn in Homer, Alaska, on 11 May after receiving a call at 12: 52 p.m. Tennison, 33, a member of the time Bandit fishing vessel was lying in bed is not responding.

A small amount of marijuana and several bottles of alcohol discovered in space-the Police believed had hosted a party there the night before. The cause of death has not been revealed.
History: ' Deadly Catch ' Co-Stars in Justin Tennison: ' tough Bull»
"Justin was tough as a bull, and was a complete hand", the crew of time Bandit wrote on their website. "Pilots and crews assessed the hard work and many contributions this past year. We will miss him terribly and wish his family all the best, most difficult period. "



Our sister blog Pay dirt on posted excerpts from an interview with Fabio, best known for appearing on interesting hammers kitschy hunk of 2007.
The businessman known only from his recently named the new old Spice Guy, and now Hawking the brand's deodorant to television commercials and on YouTube (where employed in a duel with the old old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa).

Getty Images

Back in 2007, Kelli b. Grant interview Fabio prolific career and the lessons he learned along the way for the investment, money, spending and other issues. Read the interview here.

During an unpublished part of the reason, Fabio shared the secret of success for pitching products — something she knows something or two, having pitched "can't believe it's butter!" and other brands, long before his old spices.

The best tip? Do not try to sell anything unless you stand fully behind what you sell.

"This to me is the little thing about life, the small Bay," he said. "If you really, really think about the product you are selling, people can see. It is amazing. "

I do not think customers don't know the difference, it adds.

"When you walk down the street and look at someone, you can specify more or less if that person is happy or unhappy," he says. "If someone is sad, you might say. If someone is unhappy, you can determine if you look at the person's eyes and listen. This is the same when you feel really something. And I say, I do couldn't believe it, because I really think ".

This is something that may relate to any entrepreneur. If you do not stand behind the product or service, it is doubtful you will get any customer — or investor, owner or employee, in this matter — to register.

Fabio also had the last piece of advice: "I did not bother squeezing melons, until I find correct." of course, this was no talking about entrepreneurship. (Read the full interview with SmartMoney to learn more).



DeSoto County meetings of the Board of education, Keith Williams, Van Alexander and Thomas Spencer superintendents Association is wearing shirts and ties. School of business comes first.

The third new teacher orientation in Southaven High School, the trio was dressed for the occasion, but the climate has proved to be much lighter.

The only way to break the ice for 250 plus employees in the amphitheatre, Williams, Alexander and Spencer was the chosen participant in a game of Super jeopardy.

"It was funny," Horn Lake intermediate physical education teacher, Steven nails said. "They probably should have to be recorded and placed on YouTube or something."

This Centre Hill Middle math professor Kerrie Curbow: "it was a very effective way to teach us things that we need to know, but I was thrilled, and we should do in the classroom: Captivate your audience without lecturing."

Williams says the parody game show was the brainchild of Language Arts specialist Kim Daly. This moderated by Alexandria Trebek "(Federal programs Director Lewanda Morse), taught teachers highlights about the district and Board policies.

"The crowd seemed to be very receptive to the message," Williams said. "We wanted to be sure they left here with a foundation for professional development.

"I had a clever man, once to tell me: ' If you're a joke, you can tell people anything and they will listen. If you're not, you probably aren't going to be telling them a bunch of nothing. ""

The school system — the largest in the State of Mississippi — had more than 2,000 applicants for positions in the region, according to the Assistant Superintendent of academic and training Jennifer weeks. Those who recruited, along with returning teachers and staff members, will begin Monday on their respective campuses.

"To be very excited. To be very willing, "weeks said. "This is one thing you can say everything about the new teacher orientation is that you should get here on time, it will be up early, because they both probably eager. I believe we have a group of striking. "

Nails and Curbow, both high graduates Horn Lake, seated in a catered BBQ lunch Southaven High grad Mary Walker, Professor of mathematics at Lake Cormorant Middle. The three agreed that he was thankful as part of the fresh faces in DeSoto County.

"I know that I would like to come back (to teach)," said Walker, "but I knew that it would be difficult — they were passing through jobs for free. When I feel really blessed in this region. "



There is no doubt that Belize is filled with magic.  Magic that comes from deep within the Earth and the sea.  They kept alive the ancient creatures of the water and the Earth, and Gene Simmons.
And, I think, there was magic aplenty when Shannon Tweed Gene Simmons said yes to the Group's frontman, heavy rock Kiss, as requested, to marry him.
Approaching of Ramon village pier after a day of scuba diving. The Ramon is one of the best entrepreneurs never enjoyed scuba (image: Jacquie Kubín)

Approaching of Ramon village pier after a day of scuba diving. The Ramon is one of the best entrepreneurs never enjoyed scuba (image: Jacquie Kubín)

The present report XI XI, a/e show Gene Simmons family jewels is a gene in the bended knee and with language appropriately in place requesting Ms. Tweeds hand in marriage. And after 28 years of cohabitating, supply with Simmons admitted rock n ' roll lifestyle, womanizing, and two children, Nick and Sophie, who are now grown beyond College and their lives, it seems that it was too late to ask.

For a chance to see some excerpts from Belize, previewing video seems to be about piers in Ambergris Caye Resort Village Ramons, and to see if Belize has many magic therein, we may track the viewing broadcast tonight (for local Show times visit the a/e line for TV will certainly be rerun)

If instead of watching the palm trees on the beach, wave, you want to be under the Palm trees on the beach, visit Belize in love Facebook page and enter to win a romantic five-night vacation for two Belize.   Sweepstakes ends August 19, 2011, so head over and enter and while you're there, check out some great photos.

Winners of the journey you will find themselves at the resort and Ka'ana Boutqiue Lamani Lodge outpost, both on the Mainland where you can visit the breathtaking Mayan ruins.

Then two nights at Victoria House when chef, Jose Luis Ortega is a model.

And here is a tip.  Plan for an hour, before proceeding, make browsing Belikin beer.  The brewery is located just a few minutes from the airport and at the end of the tour, a visit to the Salon tasting – plus the beer.  Fresh, cold, from the tap in one of the nicest taverns you will find, and you will find heaven.

Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck

As Matt Hasselbeck slowly lifted himself from hard artificial surface Husky Stadium, jeers rolled over him as a punishment as North shore waves.
It was in 2001, Hasselbeck's first game in Seattle, and the combination of the Philadelphia Eagles and Seahawks fans were reduced as if it were a fraternity pledge.

Back then, before the hawks Hasselbeck quarterbacked for the 2006 Super Bowl, coach and General Manager Mike Holmgren large risks. The career market.

Holmgren had acquired Hasselbeck from Green Bay and, although only 29 Hasselbeck mperdeytika regular-season passes in the first two seasons, was named the starter for the Seahawks and their future.

Hasselbeck was expected to take the Falcons to the same places Holmgren glamorous Brett Favre had Holmgren's Packers.

But in his home debut, Hasselbeck was dismissed seven times. He completed only 9 of 24 passes for 62 yards and the Falcons lost to the Eagles 27-3. It was not exactly the egkymonoynta of the Super Bowl.

Over the next 10 seasons, however, Seattle has learned to love Matt Hasselbeck. Had the rigour which we had to survive these early development is a painful process. It was quite clever enough to digest all the information given to the demanding Holmgren.

He made himself a Pro Bowler. He became one of the most respected athletes to play in Seattle and one of the classiest, most humble guys you have covered.

But it's time to move on.

The Seahawks would go in this season with two rookies scheduled to start on the right side of the offensive. Starting from four linemen will have a total of 27 career starts. This is a recipe for disaster for Hasselbeck, who will turn 36 in September and had an injury and mobility problems in recent years.

Frankly, the end of his era has Hasselbeck from former Director Tim Ruskell Holmgren hustled by the door.

It became clear early that the Seahawks offseason was the recurrence of seriously. Indeed, it became apparent in March 2010, when the team traded for Charlie Whitehurst and declared the quarterback position open for competition.

For the past three years, with three different coaches, Hasselbeck time here was weird and rocky. But the last game of the home, the play-offs wild victory over New Orleans, it seems the perfect way for everyone to quit.

On the afternoon of January series-behind-the-clock, Hasselbeck threw for 272 yards and four touchdowns and left the field with his son Henry shoulders, smiling fans ringing in his ears and a smile that victory was the width of the target.

Contrast this with the original debut 10 seasons earlier, this was the best kind of Farewell.

Now it seems the former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson would replace Hasselbeck. Jackson, 28, is the kind of quarterback the Seahawks will have to survive the inevitable mistakes young offensive line.

This is not the quarterback for the future. It was the quarterback for the meantime, a transition guy up on Falcons may develop a permanent solution.

Perhaps 2012 may choose Oklahoma Landry Jones or USC's Matt Barkley. If this time is a disaster, the lining would be Andrew Luck of Stanford University.

Jackson started just six games over the past three seasons. The Vikings jerked her around for the past two years, while a fried waiting and fading Favre played hard-to-get.

The arrival of Jackson and former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and USC won't excite many followers. The idea of a summer-long contest between Jackson and Leinart, Whitehurst is yawns.

Make no mistake, the Seahawks are the defending NFC East champions, but they are still rebuilding.

In the meantime, Hasselbeck will be missed. It was the perfect quarterback of the Holmgren era. Had the right to address disaster Holmgren demanding crankiness. It was pretty convinced to fight back from adversity.

Nnamdi Asomugha

Nnamdi Asomugha

The Ntolfins is willing to tackle quarterback Kyle Orton starting, League and team sources said, and spent Tuesday assessing such market. The Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins are among the teams expected to engage in trade talks with them.

Royals honor Orton and is unlikely to face less than a third round draft pick, sources said, with the possibility that compensation will be scaled based on Orton's performance and/or new group signature the contract extended.

Orton is the final year of the deal and put up solid numbers in Denver after a part of Jay Cutler with the Redskins in 2009, but new coach John Fox had decided to go with Tim Tebow, a first round pick in 2010, as the Eagles ' starter.

Orton, who participated in a Red Sox player-led workouts during the lockout, has made it clear he wants to create a backup of Tebow. Orton started 28 games for the Eagles the last two seasons, passing for 41 touchdowns and nearly 7,500 yards.

The Denver Post, which first reported that Orton was the trading block, the Tennessee Titans as another possible destination for Orton trade. Trade can be from 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday.

The Post also reported that the Red Sox plan to release 11-year veteran back Correll Buckhalter, 32, is scheduled to make almost 2 million dollars this season.

After starting the game and rushed for seven yards 642 in 2009, Buckhalter won only 147 yards rushing and receiving yards (240) this last season.

The Eagles spent Tuesday negotiating with their draft picks, including No. 2 overall pick Von Miller, who said he planned to be ready to practice, when training camp starts.

Unlock HQ Video HQ videos delivered by Akamai

"I want to join and learn simple," said Miller. "I don't want to comment now back from what already."

Miller stands to make much less money on a new labor agreement, with likely deserves a four-year deal for $ 25 million, approximately $ 45 million less than he could have received under the old Setup.

"I play tennis for free all my life. So, is any, what can I contract, I'm good with whatever, "said Miller. "Really aren't possessive about something you haven't."

Miller, who will simply items that make up during his career.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



If anyone still has doubts about whether the Pittsburgh Pirates are legit, the Atlanta Braves convincingly dispel them.
The Raiders spent Tuesday/Wednesday 19 innings fending off those pesky pirates, and was obviously not a blown call by home-plate umpire Jerry meals, the two sides can continue in this now.

In a game that tied for the longest in the majors this season, the Badgers finally prevailed when Julio Lugo scored from third on a grounder to third baseman Pedro Alvarez, whose throw home beat the runner from abundant. Catcher Mike McKenry applied a tag after a scan, but meals called safe, much to Lugo befuddlement and disgust over the pirates.

Replays showed Lugo was outside.

"I saw the tag, but it seemed like the oléd, and asked for the safe," he said. "I looked at the replays and it seems that may have got the shin area. I guess you may have got it, but when I was there when it happened, I don't see a tag. As soon as I saw the glove sweep. I don't see the glove leg hit. "

In 6 hours and 39 minutes, this was the longest game time by pirates or Packers played ever. The conclusion raised ire Pittsburgh Manager Clint Hurdle, kept arguing even as meals and the rest of the umpiring crew left the field.

"The game tonight was way better than that," he said.

The pirates now have won one game behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central, converts this season as they try to hold a series of 18-year losing seasons which is the largest in the history of major American sports.

They had three representatives in the all-Star Game for the first time since 1990, and entered the third game with a 53-47, mark 17-game turnaround from a record 36-64 year after 100 games. Pirates of the road are already 10 more wins from 17 of the last period, and is four victories last year totalling 57.

The third was the second game of a seven-game road trip against NL East powerhouses Atlanta Zips and Philadelphia that the testing of the pirates. Won 3-1 on Monday and again appears the feistiness of the third Marathon.

Even in victory, the Braves had plenty to celebrate. The Cardinals won their Division, leading to a major league-high six games and all-star catcher Brian McCann had to leave the game with a strained oblique muscle in the 10th inning, damage that would be required to go on the disabled list.

Karnataka news

Karnataka news

COIMBATORE: State national textile Corporation (NTC) would mark the latest processing sector with the creation of a 250-crore facility at Hassan in Karnataka, where the work is expected to begin "very soon", a top company official said here Tuesday.

The facility, which is set to 40-acres has 40,000 heads and 48 shuttle-less looms for weaving. It has the capacity to process 40,000 metres of fabrics per day, NTC Chairman and Managing Director K Ramachandran Pillai said. As the process requires care, NTC is in talks with companies in Germany and Italy for the purchase of the necessary mechanisms, he added.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger – officially Sir Michael Philip Jagger – is 68 today.
Say what you will about the Ageless frontman of the Rolling Stones – and we could say a lot – it is inarguably survivors and has produced an impressive body of work, a part of the brilliant, the career of 50 years.

Has produced a lot of things, now that we think of it, including seven children by four women--two of whom, Bianca De Macias and model Jerry Hall, was married to reality. It also has four grandchildren, God bless him.

Controversy has swirled around Mick Jagger for as long as it was widely public, i.e. almost continuously since the early 1960s, when the Rolling Stones came as a rhythm-and-blues cover band. From the beginning the band seemed to develop and nurture a conscious and protest embodied image Jagger and personified by this picture. To say he has behaved badly is occasionally a little. During the half century, has been almost as well known for its various drug-related arrests, sexual antics onstage and provocative song lyrics as for brilliant songwriting.

OK, Jagger is not the model you want your children to adopt. Not to worry, it is an old geezer. In addition, your parents had the same concern. And see how I was.

On the other hand, he has the title, having been Knighted in 2003 as Sir Michael Jagger by the Prince of Wales for services to music ". The thing ippotika, like most everything else in his life, Jagger was faced with the conflict. Critics said he does not deserve the honor, because they had done nothing of the Charity work or public service. Rolling Stones bandmates Keith Richards and Charlie Watts said it sold until the consolidation in the treason of the band's image.

Then there's the work ethic. In the meantime, the babes, movies, and several titles popular newspapers, Jagger found time to create 92 singles, 29 Studio albums and 10 Live albums with the stones.

And he shows no signs of slowing. At the age when most people want only Rocking to do it in a Chair, Jagger continues to make his way. In May announced the formation of a new supergroup, Super heavy, as well as himself, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), on the premises of the NRP stone and Damian Marley (younger son of the late Bob).

Super heavy super fast work: an album is scheduled for September release, and the first single, "miracle Worker," already getting play on alternative radio. Maybe Jagger elements working on borrowed time.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5

Original release date 5 Turismo news approaches Gamestation stock list as it Hits by Luke Johnson on 15 July 2011 although published V GTA leak.
Rockstar using MotionScan – examine the side recording technology used in LA Noire – for all future games, including the highly anticipated Grand T.

Grand Theft Auto (usually abbreviated GTA) is a multiple-award-winning series video game created in the United Kingdom by Dave Jones, then later by Dan Brothers.

By Toby McCasker-Tue Jul 5, 2010 12: 01 pm – how would you feel about firing the machine of Grand Theft Auto IV good Lee, fashion for a hug today for a little ' round of freedom? "What? Nar, ego playin ' steam sale lol "you can respond. Wait, though.
Take for example the case of the Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto is the granddaddy of open world action games and has a huge fan installed base. Whenever there is a new installment in the projects, the blogosphere will ignite with videogame insinuations;

Santa Ana

Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, Calif. — real estate data company CoreLogic Inc. has named Frank Martell Chief, ending a five-month search process.
The company, based in Santa Ana, Calif., said Monday that Martell receives a seat held by former Anthony "Buddy" Piszel, who stepped down as CFO in February after coming under investigation for his work for Freddie Mac (f – news – people), as the giant mortgage flirted with collapse.
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Martell, 51, will begin work at CoreLogic on 29 Aug. More recently, he served as President and CEO of the Council's review of Western industrial, a team that provides moral guidance and oversight for clinical trials conducted by academic and medical researchers. Previous work includes stints as CFO from two companies: advantage sales and marketing and information systems group, CoreLogic said.
Martell for 11 years at ACNielsen, the collection of data broadcast audience, ultimately, to become operational head of the company. He spent 15 years in various financial roles at General Electric Co. (GE – news – people), CoreLogic said.

CoreLogic collects and analyzes data about consumers, financial and real estate for Governments and companies. It has the largest database of u.s. real estate and mortgage information, says the company.
Real-time quotes

Pushed Piszel as its CFO CoreLogic after the Securities and Exchange Commission said that it was CONSIDERING civil charges related to the notification while serving as Piszel becomes CFO of Freddie Mac.

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow

The appraisers "Antiques Roadshow" used for ing people say that the spam in their attic is a treasure, but never seen something like this happened on Saturday.
On that fateful day, a man walked in the Tulsa Convention Center in Oklahoma with five Chinese teacups carved out of the rhinoceros Horn and learned that he had accidentally collected a fortune — cups was appraised at a value of over 1 million dollars, making it the most precious treasure which was never brought to the presentation of 16 years.
"As each one came out of the box, my jaw, began to fall a little further," Lark Mason, a validation for instance, told local news station KTUL, "[] deserve to be between $ 1,000,000 and $ 1,500,000."
TEA TIME: a man who asked not to identified brought five Chinese teacups carved from Rhinoceros Horn ' Antiques Roadshow ' Saturday, and were evaluated between $ 1 and $ 1.5 million.
Mason, which is the presentation of Asian art specialist, said that the five Cups is probably from the late 17th or early 18th century China.

During this period, the Cups are given as a gift to the wealthy for special occasions and were particularly useful because they were made of rhinoceros horn, said to have magical abilities.
The new value of the Astronomical Cups stunned the mysterious collector who brought the Cup to the show.

"I hoped it was going to collapse, but said he was glad that he didn't need the inhaler," said Mason.

"Clearly it could even see the movie that I watched, the rush of colour over his face," said senior producer Marsha Bemko.

The identity of the customer record-setting remains a mystery.

"Asked to not be recognized because he lives in a small town in Oklahoma, and is concerned about the safety for the collection," Judy Matthews, an Executive with "Vintage," said the Post.
The anonymous collection, whose face appears on the episode, but not his name, said that "Antiques" that purchased more Cups in the 1970s and appeared not to include what was worth.
Whatever the mystery man who paid for the cups back in the ' 70s, this pales in comparison to what are now due to today's strong market for Chinese antiques, which already has support of China's growing power and status in the world.

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill has given birth to a boy, a message posted on the singer's official Web site said. The Reclusive star and sometimes unpredictable has yet to release the name of the child to the sixth or to confirm the news personally.

A source said, who first broke the news of the birth, that there were complications with the delivery. But the mother and baby according to the report we are doing right now.

Former Fugees singer said concert-surveys in June that was expected.

Rohan Marley, former partner of Hill's father and five other children, congratulated the new MOM on Twitter. "I pass all good wishes Ms. Hill about the birth of the son of the new," tweeted the son of Bob Marley. "I am sure they will appreciate the love you sent to this '.

Marley said he is father of the baby at the latest. "I am not married and don't have anyone anything," he tweeted after pregnancy Hill became public. He also denied rumors that he is cheating on a hill with a model in Brazil. "Ms. Hill is the mother of my children, whom I have a huge amount of love and respect. I never do, "he tweeted.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Ryan Lochte Michael Phelps overtook on the final series of the 200-meter freestyle to win one of the most highly anticipated Races of the World Championships Tuesday, reminding everyone is a threat to the replacement of American teammate as the top swimmer in the world.

Lochte took 1 minute 44.44 seconds, with Phelps taking silver in 1: 44.79. Defending champion Paul Biedermann of Germany established for bronze in 1: 44.88.

Lochte also beat Phelps in the 200 individual medley and the 200 backstroke at the US Championship last year and then won six golds to Phelps ' five Pan Pacific Championship in 2010 — question to Phelps ' coach Bob Bowman to acknowledge that it was the best swimmer Lochte last year.

Phelps led to the 50 and 100 mark before Lochte, swimming in the next Lane, appeared in front.

"I knew Michael had to escape only for clean water, so I knew I had to be at a distance and work only what I'm good at — the underwaters for each series, Lochte said. "It is a big confidence boost. Let's hope this victory will help engage through my other races this week. "

Lochte celebrated at all. Phelps then shook his hand, signaling a friendly rivalry.

Park Tae-hwan, South Korea, who won the 400 free at night opening of the eight-day meeting on Sunday, was fourth.

Already activated by the victory of Lochte, near capacity crowd of Sports Centre East upped the noise when local Favorite Zhao Jing of China won the next Race, women's 100 backstroke.

Men's 100 back, Camille Lacourt and Jeremy Stravius France ended in a rare dead heat for the gold, clocking 52.76 before celebrating together on a rope lane. The Bronze went to Japan's Masako Irie 52.98.

Lotte Friis of Denmark won the women's 1,500 free — a non-Olympic event — 15: 49. 59. the world record Holder Kate Ziegler in the United States took the silver and Li Xuanxu of China took the bronze.

Another big fight was scheduled for later in the American Rebecca Soni standout to be exploited for a world record in the 100 breaststroke. Phelps was going to swim again in the 200 Butterfly semifinals.

At the last worlds in Rome two years ago, Biedermann handed stinging defeat of Phelps 200 free, defeating the u.s. with more than one second and taking down Phelps world record in the process.
BIEDERMANN, after that race, acknowledged that the high-tech suit was partly responsible for the victory. Bowman threatens to keep Phelps out of the water until the polyurethane suits were banned.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester's MOM after firing her daughter sued last week — claims that a new countersuit, Leighton, created from the ground back in December ... "repeatedly by hitting it with a bottle."
In the countersuit, filed in l.a. County Superior Court, at 2: 00 A.m. on 11 December 2010, the "Gossip Girl" actress attacked his mum with the bottle were so crazed and had to be pulled off the MOM from little brother.

Constance Meester says is true … Leighton sent the $ 7,500 every month, but that was not out of the kindness of her heart.  — Constance argues – a settlement for all the money that helped for her daughter.

Jailbreak iPhone 4.3.5

Jailbreak Iphone 4.3.5

Apple recently launched with great fanfare iOS 4.3.5. But the jailbreak is already confirmed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with Redsn0w
Apple has released an update for the iOS. The new update iOS 4.3.5 comes days after the release of iOS 4.3.4. Angel rolled the last update for protecting software from JailbreakMe 3.0. But soon after the launch, hackers jailbroke with PwnageTool update, a related online exploitation.

The new update iOS 4.3.5 has submitted a patch to protect against iOS PwnageTool. But the attackers did not rest. Immediately after the launch, MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team announced that they could jailbreak using Redsn0w.

Redsn0w is another related online jailbreak exploit. Should your iDevice tether to a computer (Mac and Windows) for the process of jailbreaking. But after restarting the device, it will remove the jailbreak. This means that we need to tether the device to a PC for jailbreaking.
Redsn0w will work on iPhone 3GS, iPhone, iPad and iPod fourth generation home. It is interesting, it will run again for iPad 2, JailbreakMe 3.0 device could jailbreak.

The new version of iOS also includes some other security patches. Apple used to be the security updates for iOS, whenever there is a challenge by jailbreakers.
But all of Apple's efforts to depart from the jailbreaking will split again from cunning hackers. The war between Apple and jailbreakers is progressing, so endless.



The bears would blast the schedule training camp when it comes along.
Four and a half months after unblock player NFL is over. Representatives of the players voted unanimously to ratify the agreement.

"Our fans, I know you love the game as much as I do, I know that has a very long process since the day we stood here on the night of March, but our guys stood up together when no one believed it, football is back, because of this," DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA, said.

"It is good to have, you know, behind us, have, know, coach, owner, you know, with the players, each returning as a group, and you know, focus our objectives," Israel Idonije, defensive end, he said.

The Redskins will start the pre-season against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, 13 August at soldier field, in accordance with the NFL.

Baltimore ravens

Baltimore ravens

Mason will be released when the League's calendar. Sources tell ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Monday also said that Baltimore running back Willis McGahee and Tight end Todd Heap will be muted.
Defensive tackle Kelly Gregg also will be released, according to several media reports.

Mason, 37, was the most productive of the veteran foursome last season-the 15-year old veteran caught 61 passes 802 yards and seven touchdowns. Mason of production was reduced during the first period, since Baltimore added to Pro Bowl Anquan Boldin wideout last offseason.

"It's a little bittersweet," Mason told the Baltimore Sun. "I understand the business of football, and I understand what needs to be done in the field of football. It was good while I was there. I can't hang my head downwards. I think I did anything beyond what they asked me to do when I came here six years ago. And I think everybody in this building can attest to that. If last year was really my year in a single Bills, then I've enjoyed every bit of it. "

Mason signed with the Cowboys in 2005 after nine seasons with the Tennessee Titans. Despite playing in a misunderstanding with regard to the implementation for a large part of six seasons in Baltimore, he accumulated four seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards.

Mason told the Sun that would be open by the return of the Browns, but independent projects to play a few more seasons.