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Princess Anne

Princess Anne

Standing on the battlefield at Culloden a few years ago, my companion understood dreich, sad moor and said: "thank God we have lost." this is heresy in the Highlands of Scotland, so I glanced up sharply as he went: "If I had won Charlie Catholics." it is fair to say that the monarchy in Scotland, if at all, remains the top wrap in some ancient prejudices.

It is remarkable how little Scottish obsess on their family in comparison with our neighbours in the Union. The Royals visit during the summer, but unless you live in Deeside won't know. There is a summer party invitations, Holyrood referred to ironically (but with secret pride). The Royal yacht, where Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall had a wedding swally is stationed in Leith docks, tourists gawked and occasional Scottish wanting to see where Princess Diana loses her virginity. Lèse majesté is a national sport.

Reasons to go away. Our King, James VI became James I of England in 1603 Union of Crowns. When his line Edan voted against William of Orange, was greeted by many Scots incomer. But William never visited, nor his successor Queen Anne, who saw through the parliaments of the Union of 1707.

In fact, no monarch fell to George IV in 1822. It says, because our arrival perked up, naming each square and the bridge we after him. Our previous contempt masked a hankering. For similar reasons, Scotland was fond of Victoria, it is said that the train North will draw blinds to block the blighted English North, opened only when it was over the border. Oh yes, we liked it. But it was still a bit up itself – like a statue of Arthur's seat – thus rumors flourished, culminating in Mr. Brown, a film about how it was rough love a ghillie who got over the death of Albert.

The Queen Mother was certainly discussed, because it was from the County of Angus. But the main question was whether it was without prejudice to the provisions of a kid-swap, and was indeed the daughter of a woman of the village, so it was a "wee bauchle FAE Kirriemuir." And the Queen? The usual supine view except the archers, a group of elderly men, who dress as Robin Hood, which acts as a bodyguard, as well as between them the 103% of the Earth. The Duke of Edinburgh? Please! Prince Charles? Little interest, even if the talking flowers reflect the title of one of Scotland's most famous poems, Hugh MacDiarmid, A drunk man looks at the Thistle.

Small hot glint in Scotland once again saved for Princess Anne. The Royal regular is often in Scotland and, for once, was believed to be the Princess ' Lyon ', a kind of Queen of Scots. Barely a game Rugby passes without the support of Scotland from the stands. The link – despite sports rumors – due to her son, Peter, playing for the Scotland under-18s while at Gordonstoun public school.

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