Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

We've been pretty lucky here at MTV News to get our hands on Ryan Gosling (figuratively speaking, of course) many times during his career, impressive. And with the actor's soul daily (abs) in the romantic comedy this Weekend "Crazy, stupid, love," was the perfect time to dig through our archives to curate a collection of our favourite Ryan Gosling points. (A hard work, it was not.)

Without further ADO, click past the jump to Enjoy Ryan Gosling: crush cut.

5. ' Office ' claim
When caught by Ryan promoting drama "Blue Valentine" at the 2010 Festival, we wanted to know if he had heard of Ricky Gervais ' dream to see him play somebody confuses the Uzi-NBC series visits. He had, and it was confusing. Kind of.

4. Hey girl
F — Yeah! Ryan Gosling is well aware of the internet itself. And agreed, adorably, read some of the hilarious Tumblr posts for us, peppering in his smart comment in the process. Sample: "here is a look at some of my ducks, and I'm on some kind of ' star trek ' jacket. I don't know why I have that. "

3. estimate Ab
For full disclosure: this is an interview with Gos. Instead, we used our mad skills to put together editing in a video highlighting the 30 years of the best moments on film shirtless. Here in the hope that the application just continues to grow ...

2. Hey Girl: the Sequel
Never leave well enough alone, we once accosted Ryan with Hey girl! prints, and he agreed with a dramatic. It is not only the addition of tyrwdes music and gauzy special effects that help this video above first. Are near 20 seconds without breaking giggles, the deep shade of scarlet Ryan neck becomes embarrassed and his statement that "this is so stupid," truly this redeux something special.

1. the 2005 MTV Movie Awards best Kiss
It is so much to love about this epic clip Ryan and girl co-star and former "Notepad" Rachel McAdams accepts the Golden clarified for best film of the year — smooch from Rachel aythadis fanbelt adaptation of Ryan come hither gesture hand. The only thing that does not love us? The fact that we did not star in this video, along with Ryan.

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