Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips was a "Guest" as the world watched Kate marry Prince Street Park in a luxurious and very public ceremony.
Now is the order of seniority of the Queen's granddaughter to step into the light, as it ties the knot with Rugby star Mike Tindall Saturday.
As the Duke and Duchess of marriage, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be present, but this weekend of nuptials – already dubbed "the other" royal marriage – is set to be a world away from the ceremony in April.

Much of the detail of the day is kept secret, but the setting is a modest church of Edinburgh, in stark contrast to the splendor of Westminster Abbey and the glare of the media worldwide.

The Canongate Kirk is a short distance from Holyroodhouse, where removal of the pair, and it is understood that they travel in cars has carriages.

But while central London ground to halt in April as thousands of well-wishers turned out, only small crowds expected as Canogate has been closed to traffic.

While the glittering trophy guest list at Prince William and Miss Middleton marriage featured foreign personalities, politicians and representatives from the Church and charities, the case of Saturday likely will include stars from the world of Rugby and riding, where the main pair.
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips were married in November 1973
Royal historian Hugo Vickers says will be more "celebrity sporting occasion" by a Royal marriage.

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