Thursday, July 28, 2011

Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck

As Matt Hasselbeck slowly lifted himself from hard artificial surface Husky Stadium, jeers rolled over him as a punishment as North shore waves.
It was in 2001, Hasselbeck's first game in Seattle, and the combination of the Philadelphia Eagles and Seahawks fans were reduced as if it were a fraternity pledge.

Back then, before the hawks Hasselbeck quarterbacked for the 2006 Super Bowl, coach and General Manager Mike Holmgren large risks. The career market.

Holmgren had acquired Hasselbeck from Green Bay and, although only 29 Hasselbeck mperdeytika regular-season passes in the first two seasons, was named the starter for the Seahawks and their future.

Hasselbeck was expected to take the Falcons to the same places Holmgren glamorous Brett Favre had Holmgren's Packers.

But in his home debut, Hasselbeck was dismissed seven times. He completed only 9 of 24 passes for 62 yards and the Falcons lost to the Eagles 27-3. It was not exactly the egkymonoynta of the Super Bowl.

Over the next 10 seasons, however, Seattle has learned to love Matt Hasselbeck. Had the rigour which we had to survive these early development is a painful process. It was quite clever enough to digest all the information given to the demanding Holmgren.

He made himself a Pro Bowler. He became one of the most respected athletes to play in Seattle and one of the classiest, most humble guys you have covered.

But it's time to move on.

The Seahawks would go in this season with two rookies scheduled to start on the right side of the offensive. Starting from four linemen will have a total of 27 career starts. This is a recipe for disaster for Hasselbeck, who will turn 36 in September and had an injury and mobility problems in recent years.

Frankly, the end of his era has Hasselbeck from former Director Tim Ruskell Holmgren hustled by the door.

It became clear early that the Seahawks offseason was the recurrence of seriously. Indeed, it became apparent in March 2010, when the team traded for Charlie Whitehurst and declared the quarterback position open for competition.

For the past three years, with three different coaches, Hasselbeck time here was weird and rocky. But the last game of the home, the play-offs wild victory over New Orleans, it seems the perfect way for everyone to quit.

On the afternoon of January series-behind-the-clock, Hasselbeck threw for 272 yards and four touchdowns and left the field with his son Henry shoulders, smiling fans ringing in his ears and a smile that victory was the width of the target.

Contrast this with the original debut 10 seasons earlier, this was the best kind of Farewell.

Now it seems the former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson would replace Hasselbeck. Jackson, 28, is the kind of quarterback the Seahawks will have to survive the inevitable mistakes young offensive line.

This is not the quarterback for the future. It was the quarterback for the meantime, a transition guy up on Falcons may develop a permanent solution.

Perhaps 2012 may choose Oklahoma Landry Jones or USC's Matt Barkley. If this time is a disaster, the lining would be Andrew Luck of Stanford University.

Jackson started just six games over the past three seasons. The Vikings jerked her around for the past two years, while a fried waiting and fading Favre played hard-to-get.

The arrival of Jackson and former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and USC won't excite many followers. The idea of a summer-long contest between Jackson and Leinart, Whitehurst is yawns.

Make no mistake, the Seahawks are the defending NFC East champions, but they are still rebuilding.

In the meantime, Hasselbeck will be missed. It was the perfect quarterback of the Holmgren era. Had the right to address disaster Holmgren demanding crankiness. It was pretty convinced to fight back from adversity.

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