Thursday, July 28, 2011



DeSoto County meetings of the Board of education, Keith Williams, Van Alexander and Thomas Spencer superintendents Association is wearing shirts and ties. School of business comes first.

The third new teacher orientation in Southaven High School, the trio was dressed for the occasion, but the climate has proved to be much lighter.

The only way to break the ice for 250 plus employees in the amphitheatre, Williams, Alexander and Spencer was the chosen participant in a game of Super jeopardy.

"It was funny," Horn Lake intermediate physical education teacher, Steven nails said. "They probably should have to be recorded and placed on YouTube or something."

This Centre Hill Middle math professor Kerrie Curbow: "it was a very effective way to teach us things that we need to know, but I was thrilled, and we should do in the classroom: Captivate your audience without lecturing."

Williams says the parody game show was the brainchild of Language Arts specialist Kim Daly. This moderated by Alexandria Trebek "(Federal programs Director Lewanda Morse), taught teachers highlights about the district and Board policies.

"The crowd seemed to be very receptive to the message," Williams said. "We wanted to be sure they left here with a foundation for professional development.

"I had a clever man, once to tell me: ' If you're a joke, you can tell people anything and they will listen. If you're not, you probably aren't going to be telling them a bunch of nothing. ""

The school system — the largest in the State of Mississippi — had more than 2,000 applicants for positions in the region, according to the Assistant Superintendent of academic and training Jennifer weeks. Those who recruited, along with returning teachers and staff members, will begin Monday on their respective campuses.

"To be very excited. To be very willing, "weeks said. "This is one thing you can say everything about the new teacher orientation is that you should get here on time, it will be up early, because they both probably eager. I believe we have a group of striking. "

Nails and Curbow, both high graduates Horn Lake, seated in a catered BBQ lunch Southaven High grad Mary Walker, Professor of mathematics at Lake Cormorant Middle. The three agreed that he was thankful as part of the fresh faces in DeSoto County.

"I know that I would like to come back (to teach)," said Walker, "but I knew that it would be difficult — they were passing through jobs for free. When I feel really blessed in this region. "

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