Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alta Vista

Alta Vista

Alta Vista, a locally based insurance agency in California, is looking for ways to keep clients educated and protected from any risk exposures.
With brush fires an unfortunate but common occurrence during the warmer summer months, it is time to examine the lurking danger California weather. Warm summer evenings, when the air is still and dry, it is a natural catalyst for California brush fires. Both as a local tenant, what can be done to protect your property from possible damage of fire?

* Design and landscape your home with wildfire safety in mind-Select plants that are less flammable and is better in containing fires, rather than feeding them. Deciduous trees, for example, is better than pines and firs.
* Remove any vines growing on the side of the residence, remove all branches and shrubs within a radius of 15 foot stovepipes or chimney outlets.

* Each Stack firewood and scrap wood for at least 10 feet away from his residence, all other combustible materials shall be at least 20 feet away.

* Storage of gasoline and other flammable materials in approved safety cans away from the base of each property and structures in a secure location.

* Most importantly, Stay informed about your current home insurance California coverage, understanding of what it does or what it does not provide a specific policy is vital to ensuring your property gets the necessary protection. Standard home insurance plans will cover the structure of your home, liability, costs, replacement costs if living with a serious disaster, and the coverage for personal property, up to a specified limit.

According to the California Department of forestry and fire protection from last year 4, brush fires claimed 27,973 872California acres throughout the State. Although it is unpredictable as to when a wildfire can strike, to what extent can spread damage or direction of the wind may carry the flames, one thing is for certain-protect your home from the elements that you should always remain a priority.

About Alta Vista Security Agency shall:

Established in 1927, Alta Vista security is a complete Vista service dedicated to providing the insurance institution of superior California insurance. As an independent insurance intermediaries, Alta Vista security has access to a variety of quality insurance carriers, permitting the Agency to offer the best rates throughout California, as well as ensure that can offer the best CA insurance options available. Alta Vista security functions as an insurance agency in California for over 80 years, with a strong conviction to treat all customers with respect and unmatched customer service they deserve. Choosing an insurance policy CA can be an overwhelming task, which is why Alta Vista insurance wants you to feel comfortable in the Agency's ability to match you with the best design possible.

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