Tuesday, July 26, 2011



The bears would blast the schedule training camp when it comes along.
Four and a half months after unblock player NFL is over. Representatives of the players voted unanimously to ratify the agreement.

"Our fans, I know you love the game as much as I do, I know that has a very long process since the day we stood here on the night of March, but our guys stood up together when no one believed it, football is back, because of this," DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA, said.

"It is good to have, you know, behind us, have, know, coach, owner, you know, with the players, each returning as a group, and you know, focus our objectives," Israel Idonije, defensive end, he said.

The Redskins will start the pre-season against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, 13 August at soldier field, in accordance with the NFL.

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