Saturday, July 30, 2011

HP support

HP support

HP already has plenty of its own cloud solutions for services vary in scale and private and public. However, because the OpenStack is a collaborative effort and free for all under the Apache 2.0 license, many other technology companies have found a benefit in support of the project.

Vice President of HP cloud services, Emil Sayegh, wrote about the company's blog:
HP recognizes that open and interoperable cloud infrastructure and services are crucial in delivering the next generation of cloud-based services for developers, businesses and consumers. It is our belief that the close collaboration with developer communities in conjunction with a global portfolio of HP are cornerstones for achieving seamless, and secure experience for our customers.

Sayegh has continued that HP will maintain "active role" within the community OpenStack, as some of HP's cloud development groups are already active participation in Launchpad and OpenStack IRC channel.

OpenStack is a Consortium founded by RackSpace and NASA serving as massively scalable cloud operating system. Other IT giants that have acknowledged support for Dell include OpenStack, Cisco, Intel and Citrix. a.

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