Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Battle Box Singapore

The Battle Box is a boomb-proof bunker which was built in Singapore during The World War II. The Japanese Imperial Army had invaded the critical East Asian stretigic locations of Britain and they were launching the Battle of Singapore and Malayan campaign at that time. General Percival’s decision of surrender of Commonwealth Forces to Japanese Imperial Army was taken from this bunker. The news what amazed the whole British people about the fate of their soldiers in Singapore came on 15th February 1942 from this bunker. General Percival was criticised for his decision of not showing aggressiveness in reply to Japanese attacks. But at the end of war, in investigations of British surrender, it was found that British Army was less equipped and it was a low funded Army at that time.

Battle Box Battle Box Singapore

The British soldiers were not well trained and they were not well organised with respect to the nature of war what Japanese Imperial Army had imposed on them. All these things prevented Gen. Percival from showing agressiveness to Japanese. Instead, he preffered to save the lives of his soldiers. The bunker was occupied by Japanese during Occupation of Singapore. At the end of war, this bunker was sealed and its actual location was completely forgotten. In 1988, this bunker was rediscovered. The Governent of Singapore converted this bunker into an attraction for tourists. The visitors can visit this location in a guided tour. Tickets what visitors have to get for entering The Battle Box, are just like passes issued for security purposes for entrance into the bunker during Second World War. In first step, visitors get education about history of this site by presentations. Later on they are allowed to walk in this bunker on their own.

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Justin Bieber Haircut 2011

Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber has gotten a new hairstyle to impress you with his look. He is only 16 years of age. Even in this early age, he has risen to stars level. Does not matter how much people get around him, but he is making news about himself. Just a few days ago, his performance in basketball courts got attention of spectators. Now his new haircut has brought him in news. His popularity came due to his front-flipping look of hairs. Now the flip he has trimmed to give a new look to himself. The unveiling of his new hair cut happened on TMZ in a live program on Monday. The program was telecasted in afternoon. The teenager’s look make the girls cry with his sexy look of hairs. Not only girls will cry after seeing him, the boys will also go to hair saloons for getting new hair cuts to improve their looks.

Justin Bieber HaircutJustin Bieber Haircut 2011

In explanation to his new haircut, Bieber said that he wanted to get something different to change his look. He did not want to cut down all his hairs. But as he had been growing hairs for 1-2 continuous years, he had become sick of long hairs. The hairs of him often came into his eyes and covered his face and he did not want this to happen. Therefore he wanted to change the hairstyle, which could give him relief from the symptoms what were occurring to him due to his long hairs. The regular stylist of Bieber whose name is Vanessa has brought the new looks to his hairs. She had also trimmed his hairs earlier this February for his new music video. Bieber said that nobody should be worried about his or her daughter with his new look. He was trying to calm down the situation in a very funny way indeed.

Justin Bieber Haircut 2011 JUSTIN BIEBER: Haircut 2011 & Selena/Justin young love?

Justin Bieber Haircut 2011 Justin Bieber’s new haircut 2011

Justin Bieber Haircut 2011 Justin Bieber Goes Bald!

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Pacific Palace Hotel Batam

The Pacific Palace Hotel Batam

The Pacific Palace Hotel Batam is a four star hotel. It is located at batam island. The hotel is unique due to its facilities and building architecture. The hotel provides the facility of watching the sea from its rooms. Singapore’s sea shore looks more splended from the windows of hotel rooms. The architecture of hotel building is unique due to its greek looking. Its architecture is similar to Neptune idealogy. Nepture is considered as The god of sea. The interior design of this building promises to provide the world class facilities to visitors. The hotel was created specially from tourism’s point of view. The tourists are attracted to this hotel due to its uniqe features and special facilities. It is located in Batam Island’s business area.

Pacific Palace Hotel Pacific Palace Hotel Batam

The facilities what this hotel offers to tourists specially have night life entertainment besites operational entertainment and KTV. This hotel is only at five minutes driving distance from ferry terminal of Harbourby. From the International Airport of Hang Nadim its drive distance is 35 minutes. There is of course an easy access to shopping area if you come to this hotel. Hotel is sheer in its size. It can take up to 4,000 people in its main halls. So this will suit you the best for your wedding, party or any other celebrating functions. In its entertainment center, it has the biggest of all disco centers of area. You can enjoy your night at its disco center. Similarly, you can enjoy drinks with your friends after coming to its bars.

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Earthquake In Manila

The Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of Philippine has reported that an earthquake of 4.7 magnitude hit parts of Luzon today. The time at which 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck was 10:10 am. The epicenter of quake was 26 kilometers away from Nasugbu part of Batangas. The nature of quake was tectonic. Its intesity in Manila and in Dasmarinas its intensity was 4 in Quezon City, its intensity was 3. Its shocks were also felt at Lubang and Looc towns. Here the shocks were of 2 intensity. The other cities where its shocks came were Pampanga, San Fernando where its intensity was 1. The Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of Philippine has said that after shocks of the earth quake are not expected.

Earthquake Earthquake In Manila

The quake of 4 intensity has following characteristics according to Phillippine Institute of Volcanalogy and Seismology. A few of outdoor people while all people indoor feel the impact of earth quake. People who be in immature sleep are awakened. It looks like the passing of a very heavy truck from nearby. The objects what hang, they start swinging severly. Dining objects are shaken from their places, doors and windows vibrate. Liquid things in containers are disturbed and the motor cars standing are rocked by the waves of quake. With this, floors and walls of wooden buildings may be broken due to quake shocks.

As the maximum intensity of quake to be felt in phillipine was 4, no loss of property and lives has happened in Phillipine.

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General Percival Singapore

General Percival’s complete name is Lieutenant Genral Arthur Ernest Percival. He was born on 26th Decemer in 1887. His death happened on 31st January 1966. He was an officer of British Army. He was born in Aspenden Lodge. He was Alfred Reginald’s second son. His mother  belonged to Lancashire cotton family. Percival’s early eucation came in Bengeo. His brother was more successful in academics. He studied Latin and Greek. He had only gotten a higher school certificate upto 1906. He had more interest in sports than his education. Tennis and cricket were his beloved games. His career at military started at a comparatively late age.

General Percival General Percival Singapore

He participated in World War I. He had made a very successful career in military between the two World Wars. That is the reason why he had the command of the British Commonwealth forces in Malaya and Singapore. He was the commander of British Commonwealth forces when Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore. He took the decision of surrender which lasted the British rule in these areas. The decision of surrender what Percival took in front of Imperial Japanese Army permanently destroyed the perception about Britian that it could be a significant dominating power in Far East Asia. He was criticised by the British people for his decision. However, the later investigational reports of the British Army’s surrender to Japanese Imperial Army have revealed that funding of Commonwealth army was not according to needs of the war-theatre’s operational area. The opinions about Percival have become sympathetic for his decision therefore.

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Seclusion Definition


The arabic word ‘Khalwat’ means isolation. The isolation happens when some one is alone. Another type of ‘Khalwat’ is ‘Chilla’. Chilla happens when a person remains isolated in some building for a complete period of fourty days. This type of ‘Khalwat’ is a sever test of spiritual powers and largely it gives rise to spiritualness of the person who abides by ‘Chilla’ with all its respects and rules. The word ‘Khalwat Khana’ means the place which is built in a house for worship purposes.

Khalwat Khalwat Definition

In old days, people went in ‘Khalwat’ for observing ‘Chilla’. ‘Chilla’ is a word which was drawn from persian words ‘chilhli’ which means ‘fourty’. Largely ‘Khalwat’ is considered as a theosophical term. If some one has to define ‘Khalwat’, this can be interpretted as ‘to speak to God in full secracy’. The sufi terminology of ‘Khalwat’ means that a ‘Mureed’ (follower) will isolate himself from world in a close, dark and small room for the pure purpose of worship. Normally ‘Mureed’ goes into ‘Khalwat’ on orders of his ‘Shaykh’ (the spiritual leader). The spiritual wisdom of ‘Khalwat’ is felt when someone goes in the situation. It is said that many people found dramatic positive changes in their lives when they went through ‘chilla’. They saw true dreams about their future.
Another meaning of word ‘Khalwat’ defines the sexual course which takes place between a male and a female for keeping the cycle of life continue. But in this meaning, largely the word ‘Khalwat’ has been used only for human beings.

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Transvestite Meanings

Transvestite Meanings

Transvestism is derived from word ‘Transvestite’. Transvestism means cross-dressing. So if some male wears the clothes of females, the term ‘Transvestite’ will define him perfectly. The beginning of ‘Transvestism’ happened in 1910, but the phenomenon of Transvestism was not new even at that time. The cross-dressing phenomena according to The Holy Bible, goes back to Ethiopia. In many meanings, ‘Transvestite’ term is still under changes.

Transvestite Transvestite Meanings

For understanding the complete meanings of this world, this would be necessary to study the phenomena in its roots.

Magnus Hirschfeld used ‘Transvestism’ in Latin language. The word represented the interest of a person to wear the dress of his opposite sex. The grouping what Hirschfeld did to people of ‘Transvestite’ type are asexual, bisexual, homosexual and heterosexual. By himself, Hirschfeld was not happy with the use of this term ‘transvestite’ to descibe as the title of his made divisions. However Hirschfeld’s help came to people to change their name with respect to their type.
Hirschfeld had noticed that many times people were sexually aroused due to ‘Transvetism’. He differentiated ‘Transvestism’ as a contra-sexual activity of a person. With all the divisions what Hirschfeld brought to ‘transvestism’ a large group was still left with no name. This group is neither gay nor transexual.

This group has its own identity.These were men who wear feminine clothes. They did not like the word ‘travestite’ to use for their identity. Therefore they coined themselves with the word ‘cross-dressers’.

Transvestite Transvestite Meanings

These men are admired by women for their clothings.

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Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

The year os 2012 is Year of the Dragon with respect to Chinese Zodiac. The year of dragon will start from 23rd january of 2012. Sign of Dragon is fifth sign in Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 signs of animal in Chinese Zodiac. Dragon represents the creatures of legend and myths. In ancient China, celestial Dragon represented power and emperor. In these recent years, the symbol signafies happiness and success. Chinese pray this year to bring success and happiness to every one. The prays of Chinese are of good luck for every one in this year.

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year 2012

The people who are born in the Year of Dragon, they have specific characteristics. They are enterpising, innoative, self-assured, passionate, brave quick-tempered and conceited. The restrictions on them ignite their spitrits to come into life. They should be uninhibited and free.
Dragon is also a beautiful creature. It is flamboyant and colorful. It has a bundle of energies what are gifted with irrepressible. Big ideas and extreme ambitions are the things what these people possess. They are fearless, confident. They are always ready to take the challenges. Most of the time they find success in achieving their goals. They usually reach the top positions in their fields. But they should have awareness about their enthusiasm. Their pleasures come in helping the other people. Their pride in their personality restricts them from taking help from others. They are self-sufficient in their personality. They take thrilling risks. Their sign is the most domestic of all the animal signs of Chinese Zodiac.

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New Zealand Earthquake 2011

New zealand earth quake

The Associated Press of New Zealand has reported that at least 65 people are confirm to be dead due to a 6.3 magnitude earth quake in New Zealand. The New Zealand Prime Minister Mr. John Key has made this statement by himself. Bob Parket, who is mayer of Christchurch, has declared the state of emerency in Christchurch. Simultaneously, the evacuation of Christchurch’s downton area has been ordered.

New Zealand Earthquake New Zealand Earthquake 2011

Reports on television have shown the crews of emergency busy in their job and helping people in quake effected areas. They were shown pulling injured victims from ragged buildings. The Pine Gould Guiness building has also partially damaged due to tremble of earthquake. Emergency crews were shown on television that they were evacuating people from one building which had caught fire due to quake. Their search and rescue missions are becoming difficult because the aftershock of quake are continuing to make their difficulties worst. Government agencies have reported that many more casualties are expected to have happened but their confirmation is not being made because the government is busy in its work of search and resuce. The main hospitals of Christchurch have been partially damaged and they are being repaired. At the same time, victims are being shifted to those hopitals what are away from quake-struck zone. The Christchurch Airport has also been closed due to the quake. The domestic and international flights will start from morning of Wednesday.
The quake struck the South Island of New Zealand around 1300 hrs time. Christchurch came in its way and an urban area of 400,00 residents has been badly effected due to the quake. In September 2010, 7.1 magnitude earthquake had struck the same area.

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Libya Unrest 2011

Libya Unrest

The foreign news channels had telecasted news that Muammar Gaddafi had fled from Libya. The news were telecasted in the background of on going unrest in public about 41-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi. Libyans at present are demanding the ruler’s change in their country. Behind the news of foreign TV channels, Muammar Gaddafi emerged on the state TV of Libya and said that he is staying in the country. He also used the term ‘dog’ for international news channels for their telecasting incorrect news about internal affairs of Libya. He used this term for the reason that internaional news channels were reporting that Gaddafi had gone to Venezuela. He said that he was in Tripoli at that moment. He was shown speaking from the outside of his house.

Libya Unrest Libya Unrest 2011

Gaddafi, the 68-year-old president of Libya, was sitting in a passenger seat of his carriage. He was holding umbrella for protection from rain. He appeared only for a time of less than a minute on television. The time when he appeared was 2 am of the local time and 530 HRS IST. Gaddafi is trying to protect himself from the type of crisis which recently turned Hosani Mubarak out of power in Egypt. The human rights groups tell that almost 300 people have lost their lives in the on going protests for regime change in Libya. The Libyan Minister for Justice, Mustafa Abdul Jalil has resigned due to adoption of violence on behalf of government’s side for stopping the on going protests. Hillary Clinton, United States’ Secretary of State, has warned Gaddafi about using lethal force on peaceful protesters.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore

Apple iPhone 5 is a new version of iPhone series and its features are very amazing. It is schedule to release in summer this year. It is corresponding with Apple’s tradiational June July models. Some people said that they were released date is January 2011.

The iPhone 4 has antenna problem and when new phone is introduce, another version of iPhone 5 will also be introduce with improvement.

iPhone 5 Release Date iPhone 5 Release Date In Singapore

Apple’s new iPhone 5 operating system is with in improve quality but will be enable to access the 4G network. It has highly fast processor of 1.5 GHz. It has improved battery time which has 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on AG. It also has carriers other than AT and T. On WiFi video chat on 3G and 4G network is also available. This phone has quality to identify Radio Frequency. It is as simple as you can use your credit card. By using your iPhone you can get rid of waiting for your turn in long queue, you can do this by your wireless iPhone. It is the original technology that was introduce by Apple in which powerful RFID loop can be transformed into a circulatory iPhone touch screen. It provides huge inside storage that is 64 GB and in addition to this more storage is also available.

iPhone 5 has sleek and smart outlook and have shiny glass back. The screen is water and scratch proof/ GPS is built in and users can assign different tones with different email ids. There are very rumours against the dates of release in Singapore but may be it will be available in summer.

The Brand-New iPhone 5

iPhone 5 And iPad 2 News!

iPhone 5, New Design? Leakage

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Brancusi Sleeping Muse

Brancusi is an artist who made sculpture of sleeping muse. His full name is Constantin Brancusi who was born in 1876 and brought up in the village of Romania near Targy Jiu. That area is also called Folk Crafts mostly for woodcarving.

Constantin Brancusi was one of the beginning facts of modern sculpture and original artist of twentieth century. He is the first who introduce abstraction and primitivism into his sculpture. His sculpture has same importance that the Picasso’s paintings have in the contribution of modern arts.

The exhibition will be held in UK and sponsored by Aviva plc. In the exhibition more than 30 Brancusi sculptures are placed and it is the first dedication to his work.

Brancusi Sleeping MuseBrancusi Sleeping Muse

He calmly simplified sculpture which indicates modernism. For his sculpture he uses marbles, limestone, bronze and wood. His sculptures were inspired by Barbara Hepworth, Carl Andre and Donald Judd. He is a friend of both Amedeo Modigliani and Marcel Duchamp.

In the exhibition the whole nature of sculpture and its material will be discussed. His sculpture of single heads will show the decrease of subsidiary detail in The Beginning of the World.

In 2004 the selection was pictured by Carmen Gimenez, keeper if 20th centuray art at Solomon Museum and developed with Tate curator from New York. These all are explained in Tate Publishing.

Constantin Brancusi was a son of poor parents; he left his village at the age of 9 and went to nearer village for work. His boss financed him and he starts education at School of Crafts in Craiova. He financed him because he was impressed with his talent of carving. His continual effort makes him a great sculpture.

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Watch ICC Cricket World Cup Online

Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Mega season has started for cricket lovers from today. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is the mega season of cricket. Many sport related television channels are giving live coverage to this mega event of cricket. Different television channels will telecast the mega event in different parts of world. Sky Sports has found the broadcasting rights for UK. Super Sport will broadcast the matches for South Africa and other African countries. Ten Sports will telecast the event in India and most parts of Asia.

Watch ICC Cricket World Cup Online

But television is not the only medium to watch the world cup. The mobile phones, multiplexes and Internet will be other popular mediums for broadcast of this event. In this subject, ESPNStar.com will show the event for free. Online broadcasters will also be shown on the website ESPNStar.com

In counting of other websites what will telecast the event, williow.tv will show this event in USA. Skysports.com will give coverage to UK and Ireland people. The other websites what will provide coverage to live events of cricket world cup 2011 are crictime.com, webcric.com, extracover.net, cricfire.com, atdhe.net, freedocast.com, live-cricket-match.com, firstrow.net, ustream.tv and Justin.tv.
Mobile Phones will be the other media for broadcast of Cricket World Cup 2011. In this subject, Vodafone will give live coverage to matches for Indian people. Vodafone Essar got the exclusive rights for its coverage of ESPN Star Sports. This company will show ESPN Star Sports on Mobile TV for 2G and 3G customers of it.

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Liver Liver Lulu By Lulu Lulu Scandal Video Scandal

Gan Lulu is an actress and model belongs to Beijing in China. She also appears in few movies. She is much opened model. Her mostly photo shoot is without clothes or with very short piece of cloth.

Recently she is in a scandal due to a video which was uploaded by a mother. In the video the girls is nude and taking shower. She is responding to the questions about who her boy friend will be in the video. It is considered that a woman in the video is Gan Lulu.

 Gan Lulu Scandal Gan Lulu Scandal VideoGan Lulu Gan Lulu Scandal Gan Lulu Scandal Video

Gan Lulu said that I cannot understand that how can a mother upload her daughter nude video just to attract boys for her marriage.

The video is of 80 seconds and in the video girls is taking shower and talking about her life partner or boy friend with her mother. After the response of video another video is uploaded in which the mother apologizes to Gan Lulu and said that she is not the mother of Gan Lulu. She also tells that the video looks same due to her daughter is also of 26. When Valentine Days comes she is busy in her work and she is not getting the thing which she wants. It looks to increment the status of other but I don’t thing every one gets very large.

Due to Gal Lulu openness people thought that the girl is Lulu and she is of 26 years which is same. The video is available on websites like YouTube.

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Apollo 18 Movie Trailer

Apollo 18 Apollo 18 Movie Trailer

Apollo 18

TWC, The Weinstein Company, in an announcement has told that it has found rights for making of a challenging film ‘Apollo 18’. This movie is being made after the discovery of previous Soviet Union’s spy footages. Footages have been found what tell that America’s Apollo 18 Mission of Space had happened. The movie is being made due to America’s inspirational lead in the space technology during cold-war days.

This movie will have Gonzalo Lopez Gallego as its director. Russian filmmaker, named Timur Behmambetov, will produce the sci-fi thriller, which will be in the style of a documentary. Michele Wolkoff will support Timur Behmambetov in his work. Michele Wolkoff is the chairman in development of Behmambetov Projects. The production of this movie will start from beginning of December, this year. Its release plan will be issued on 4th of March this year.
The perfect Cold War story with its name ‘Apollo 18’ will shed light on the undocumented space missions of moon. The recently found footage has led Russians to believe that American’s in reality reached the moon. This movie will also portray the issue of forms of extraterrestrial life. The actual footage of Soviet spy’s will become a part of the movie of whose production will start by the beginning of December this year.

Apollo 18 Official Trailer HD 2011

Apollo 18 Teaser Trailer

Apollo 18 Teaser Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Apollo 18 (film), TeaserNo Tag

John Wall Injury

John Wall Injury

John Wall has entered his name into record books. The assistance of 22 was handed by Wall; DeMarcus Cousins scored 33 points along with 14 rebounds, and the class of freshmen broken down the second-year stars. It was 148-140 on Friday night in the LA Staples Centre of Rookie Challenge. It was at the tip of NBA’s All-Star Weekend celebrations. Wall had broken down the 17 assists’ previous mark of Rookie Challenge, which was set by Chris Paul of New Orleans’ in 2007.

John Wall John Wall Injury

Wall told that the only target of him was that 17 mark, which he was told before the game. DeMarcus and He joked about breaking the record before start of the match. He thinks that he is lucky for his breaking the record, but also thanked his coaches and teammates for letting him play during game.

He triggered many of the 21 dunks of rookies, then returned the ball to his team-mate of Kentucky to score a noisy two handed strike. This was enough to memorize the highest scoring games’ end in all- time series. According to Wall game was great, he told this at the time when he was receiving the trophy. About the last move he said that he had told Kentucky teammate to throw the ball at court so that he could dunk it two-handed.
Wes Johnson who belongs to Minnesota got 25 points; Gary Neal of San Antonio included 20. Their contribution was great in second consecutive victory of rookies. Their second straight victory has come after seven continuous losses.

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Giacometti Biography

Giacometti is a Swiss sculptor. He was born on 10th October 1901. His death happened on 11th January 1966. His background was artistic. He was born in Val Bregaglia, it is the southern alpine valley of Graubunden. Giovanni, his father, had been a recognized painter in Post-Impressionists. Alberto was the eldest son of Giovanni. He had interest in art since his childhood.

Giacometti Giacometti Biography

The worldwide fame came to Alberto Giacometti in 1962 when sculpture’s grand prize was awarded to him at Venice Biennale. At the time when his work had gotten popularity, in a situation when a huge demand for his work had been created due to his artistic hands, he still reworked on his previous models. A perfectionist approach develops about him because he many times destroyed his pieces of art while reworking on them. Herbert Lust’s “The Complete Graphics and 15 Drawings” commented on the impact of Giacometti’s produced prints. Giacometti’s many images were described as ‘rare’ in 1970.

During later years of his life, his work was shown to public in large exhibitions. The exhibitions happened throughout Europe in a large number. In last years of his life when his health was declining, he travelled to America for showing his pieces of art. The exhibition was held at the New York Museum of Modern Art. During last days of his life, he prepared a sequence of 155 lithographs what contained his memories of all those places where he had lived in his life.
His death happened due to chronic bronchitis and pericarditis.

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

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Dave Duerson Dead

Dave Duerson

Dave Duerson was found dead at his home on Thursday. He was 50 year old. His home where his death happened is in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. Investigators have not determined the causes of his death up to now. According to releases of Bears on Friday, Bears are saddened and stunned over the happening. In news, Duerson has been considered as a great contributor to the team of Chicago community.

 Dave Duerson Dave Duerson Dead

He was born in 1960 on 28th of November. His birthplace was Munice, Indiana. At Notre Dame, he was a four-year starter. A bachelor’s degree he earned in economics. He turned into a key figure of 1985 team of Bears. This team had the best ever assembled defenses of the game. Richard Dent, Dan Hampton and Mike Singletary were bright features of that team. Dave Duerson was picked up in his third educational year for the team. During the next season, Duerson got six passes this settled an NFL record. This was also his career’s best performance when he scored another one making all passes to 7. His record of 7 passes was alive up to 2005. Adrian Wilson of Arizona got eight to break his record in 2005. Another Super Bowl Duerson got in 1990 with Giants the Bears had released him before. He spent last three years of his career with Arizona Cardinals. At the end of last season, he retired.

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India Vs Bangladesh World Cup 2011

The first match of World Cup Cricket 2011 is being played between India and Bangladesh. The teams belong to group B of world cup cricket teams.

Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field first. Fielding decision was decided for taking benefit from dew while batting in headlights. Both Captains had admitted before the start of the match that the game was going to be affected due to dew in evening.

India Vs Bangladesh World Cup India Vs Bangladesh World Cup 2011

While batting first, Virendra Sehwag scored an impressive 175 runs on behalf of India. Virat Kohli was the other man to chase 3 figure of runs. Dhoni at the place of Suresh Raina chose Kohli; Kohli proved that Dhoni was correct in his decision. The Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar, lost his wicket while running with Sehwag. He made 28 runs. Gambhir scored 39 runs; Mohmudullah bowled him out. Sehwag scored 175 runs when Bangladeshi bowler bowled him out. At the end of their innings, India scored 370 runs against Bangladesh. Bangladeshi crowd could not greet their team due to the Indian domination of the match.
In reply to Indian inning, Bangladeshi bowlers took an impressive start. Sri Santh was the most expensive bowler up to the 5th over of Match. He gave 24 runs in fifth over of the Bangladeshi Inning. Bangladesh had crossed 50 run mark in first five overs of the game. Tamim Iqbal was the top scorer with a score of 70 runs. Shakib Al Hassan who scored 55 runs followed him.

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Brancusi The Kiss

Brancusi The Kiss

Today on 19th February 2011, Constantin Brancusi’s 135th birthday is being celebrated. Google has honoured him just like many other figures of history of art. As a result to this, Google made its own Google Doodle in honour of Brancusi for today.

Doodle of today is showcasing a few created sculptures of Brancusi. The reflection of different sculptures of Brancusi is revealed from different materials used in different objects to reflect  work of Brancusi.

Brancusi Brancusi The Kiss

For showing GOOGLE in Branchusi’s style of sculptures, different objects of different materials have been joined in a way to make a G-O-O-G-L-E. The material of these sculptures is stone, wood and bronze. The objects representing words of GOOGLE are Promethues, Sleeping Muse, Bird in Space, Mademoiselle and The Kiss.
Brancusi was in reality a carpenter; he also had training of stonemason. 1904 was the year when he came to Paris, he got influence of African art work and Oriental work of art. Rodin had his influence on Brancusi. This influence reveals from his artwork. Brancusi wanted to simplify his work. Many sculptures of Brancusi reflected this idea of him. The continuity of his career polished his made sculptures. Then he started his work by smooth pictures’ carving on bronze and marble. He used wood and stone along with Bronze and marble to make his sculptures.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Groupon Singapore

Groupon Singapore

Groupon’s entry into Chinese market has created competition in online sector of group buying. The competition trend will be enhanced over time according to expectations. The existing sites of Singapore and Hong Kong have been purchased by this group and CEO of Groupon’s Hong Kong operations, Mr. Dany Yeung, has said that the company wants to dominate Chinese market.  The company is going to increase its staff to 1000 from 120 during the coming months. This will be done to achieve the goals of company what have been set in the shape of targets for this year. Groupon, the US firm, may become an ally of Tencent. Tencent is a Chinese firm, which is owner of many popular properties in China. This will create Gaopeng, which means the gathering of recognized guests.

Groupon SingaporeGroupon Singapore

According to James Roy, who is China Market Research Group’s analyst, the move of Gaopeng may become sensible for start-up of Americans. Foreign companies of Internet cannot neglect China’s potential due to its huge online population. But when those companies come to China, they realize that many local players are with major performance in local markets. The partnership of Groupon with one of China’s major Internet companies will help it in understanding the local market of China. Tencent’s QQ following will help Groupon to increase its business in China. Many companies of US are very ambitious before they start their work in China, but when they face market competition, they become too optimistic that they complain about China’s business environment. In the end, they leave China due to their disappointment. Still these leavers think that they have better understanding of the market trends.

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Artscience Museum Singapore

Artscience Museum Singapore

The latest iconic structure of Singapore will display many artefacts. The artefacts what this museum will display, some of them are treasures of Mongolia; these treasures have not been shown before outside Mongolia. These treasures are from Tang Dynasty, which existed in 9th century.

Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, officially opened the museum for its first time. Public will be able to visit the museum by tomorrow.

Artscience Museum Artscience Museum Singapore

Genghis Khan who is the legendary conqueror of Mongolia, his life things would be shown in exhibition. The exhibition will continue for two months. Then it will go to United States where 200 rare features of Mongolian emperor would be shown to public. The other artefacts of Museum are of Tang Dynasty, which controlled the Silk Route trade in 9th century.
This museum has been built after four years efforts. According to the architect of Museum’s building, each room of the building has its slightly different shape and from outside geometry of the building, people are forced to think that the rooms are a ‘hand of welcome’ or a ‘lotus’. At the highest floor of building, permanent exhibitions of Artscience are for display. These have been divided into three galleries named Expression, Curiosity and Inspiration. But building mostly uses natural light for lightening its galleries. From the central part of four-story museum building, rainwater flows down to the land. The building is actually a display that creativity processes are similar of science and arts.

Construction of Art-Science Museum @ MBS

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World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening Ceremony

It will be difficult for International Cricket Team’s Captains to adjust themselves in rickshaws for entering the stadium during opening ceremony of Cricket World Cup 2011. The tri-cycles will bring captains of 14 participant national cricket teams in Dhaka Cricket Stadium. The opening ceremony of Cricket World Cup 2011, through the use of rickshaws, will reflect the traditions of Dhaka. The history will be written in this way. For the first time in cricket history, this is going to happen that Captains will enter stadium by sitting on rickshaws. But this is not the only attraction for world media channels.

High point in segment will come after arrival of Canadian rock singer, whose name is Bryan Adams. He will get the control from three great singers of Bangladesh.
Runa Laila, Mumtaz and Sabina Yasmin are the three singers of Bangladesh, Sonu Nigam of India who will sing songs in South Asian Languages along with “De Ghuma Ke” song, which will be sung by Loy, Ehsan and Shankar. This song is in Hindi, Bengali and English.

World Cup Cricket 2011 World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening Ceremony

Cricket World Cup 2011 has 49 matches. 14 participant teams will play these matches. It will continue for six weeks before its final match in Mumbai.

There would be a show of cricket during opening ceremony; this show will be the first show of its kind. It will amaze spectators of it. In sub-continent, last time Cricket World Cup was staged in 1996. Bangladeshis have taken every precaution for the safety of spectators and cricketers during ceremony.

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Harris Hotel Residence Riverview Kuta

Harris Hotel and Residences Riverview Kuta are bright places for staying of tourists and travellers. This is a comprehensive hotel which is located near Kuta Beach of Bali.

Guestrooms for staying of people are of modern type. Their layouts are beautifully structured. These give very attractive contrast of the rustic feel of this area. Fun is guranteed at beach and within the town. Inside activities of this hotel of Bali will care for the rest of your needs. Those who have travelled for vacations, excatly understand the importance of staying area.

Harris Hotel Residence Riverview KutaHarris Hotel Residence Riverview Kuta

The hotel is located at only 15 minutes drive from Kuta beach and Legian Shopping Center. It has 184 units of rooms. Residencies of hotel are of single and double rooms. The hotel has four swimming pools, a café, Kids club and Italian cuisine.
Though it is at a little distance from nearest location, but people enjoy their stay at this place. Rooms of hotel are clean and staff of hotel is very keen to understand your needs for evaluation of their services for you. Rooms are nice and food provided is at very competitive prices. Hotel rooms are equipped with fridges, tv and kitchens. Hotel staff can provide you tabletennis equipment to play the gain. Similarly you can use internet in hotel. Swimming pools are also clean and filled with fresh water. This hotel provide the best price to the money what you pay for your stay at this hotel.

Riverview Harris Hotel Bali in Kuta

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Park Bo Young

IU has been swept due to a controversy of minor type which came over due to the music video’s content of the track “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”. The video of Music starts with Park Bo Young who converse with an unknown shape of a hospital of psychiatry. In this scene PB Young said that her body felt unearthly recently. It was not felt to her like her own body. Was that not so that the weather had not been informal that day? On the days of that type, she felt like somebody had come to discover her.

Park BoYoungPark Bo Young

Later on Yoonsang appeared in the video. P.B. Young in this scene certified the depth of their relations. She knelt before Yoonsang and started to cry in the video of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”. Then the figure, to which Park Bo Young was talking early, reappeared in video and said that her father had passed away. In reply PB Young said that according to people, he had been her father, but he had not been in reality.

In the aftermath discussion of video, people have thought that in video, PB Young’s hospitalization took place due to the death of her father in the Music video. Netizens have added to this and asked if it comes in appropriation of a minor issue to bring an incest topic in a music video.
People have mostly passed this opinion that the video content was created for emphasizing of the sad song’s sad atmosphere. The song is sensitive in its video content.

Park Bo young (???) Meeting the ‘smile Angel’ [ShowBiz Extra]

Park Bo Young & Kim Hyun Joong – Noodles

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Chinese Valentine’s Day 2011

Chinese have devoted a day to love in their calendar. Qi Qiao Jie is called the Chinese Valentine’s Day, it is the seventh day of seventh month of Chinese Calendar. Chinese have not associated this day of their calendar to gift-giving, but many charming traditions they have attached with this day for romance of lovers. Two legends surround the Valentine Day of Chinese.

Chinese Valentine’s DayChinese Valentine’s Day 2011

The first version states that at this date Goddess of Heaven’s seven daughters got into sight of a Cowherd, they were on their visit to the Earth when this incident took place. Daughters were in a river when Cowherd, whose name is Niu Lang, made a fun with them. He ran away with their clothing. The responsibility went on the pretiest of all daughters of Goddess to return the clothes of girls. As Niu Lang had already scene Zhi Nu in naked, she was going to get married with him. Thus the couple lived happily for many years. The Goddess of Heaven however got fed up because her daughter had been abscent since a long time. She ordered her to come back to heaven. But she took piety on that couple, as she allowed them to reunite for once every year. So now, Zhi Nu and Niu Lang are united on seventh moon of seventh month each year of Chinese Calendar.
Second version says that Zhi Nu and Niu Lang were two ships what lived on opposite poles of our galaxy. Emperor of Heaven tried to gather them. But his efforts got so focused that Zhi Nu and Niu Lang neglected emperor’s efforts to unite them. At his efforts’ neglection, emperor put a restriction on them, that now they can meet only once a year.

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National Enquirers

Steve Jobs who is CEO of Apple, dread diagnosis has been given to him. Rumors is upon which tech world runs. Steve Jobs has gone on an indefinite medical leave, the company gave it to him due to his health complications, it is being reported that he has only six weeks of life remain according to national enquirer. National Enquirer has the best repute in world of publications. You should take this news with a high dose of disbelief, but still you will have to accept that the news is true.

The agency has reported that cancer happened to Jobs and he is receiving its treatment. The news of him have been reconfirmed by Radar Online. His pictures what have been published were taken on 7th of Feburary according to a report. He worked on 8th Feburary for a complete day in his office of Apple. Some people suggest that his pictures were taken on 8th Feburary what have been publicised now. These photos represent that Job has been suffering from cancer, infact severe suffocation happened to him due to the disease whose diagnosis has been given to him. However, Jobs has refused to tell the nature of his diagnosis. His company has also refrained from pointing out any thing related to CEO’s leave.

National EnquirersNational Enquirers

According to Dr. Jacobson who is a physician of critical care, termination of Jobs is too close to happen. Same things have been told to Enquirer by Dr. Gabe Mirking. Let you be informed that none of these two doctors have scene Jobs before. They only saw him in photo.

Jobs had stated before that board of directors of company had granted him leave. The step was taken so that he could concentrate on his health.

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Singapore Budget 2011

The budget of Singapore 2011 will be revealed on Friday 18 February 2011. It is said that the main idea of the budget is on distribution of wealth that fill the income gap of Singapore.

Last year the GDP increase to 14.7 percent but not every one takes advantage from it. A report of United Nation Development Programme ranked Singapore on second as developing country after Hong Kong.

In Expert opinion Singapore is not only country who face income inequality, countries like US and China also facing this. This gap is due to few reasons; first one is higher technology jobs that pay higher that low skilled jobs, other is competitions between pays of different countries and the last but not least is most of the jobs are in service sector.

Singapore BudgetSingapore Budget 2011

Now the budget of Singapore for Financial year 2011 is ready and applicable from 1st April. The Singapore Budget show two points; approved expenditure and use of last year government funds and second one is to mapped government income expenditure this year.

The process of budget takes some steps for approval.  Firstly the Government approves the Budget, and then Minister for Finance shows the Budget to parliament. Committee of supply debates the Budget, bill passed and then President’s agree required for performance of Bill. After President agrees upon Bill it is presented as a Law and known as Supply Act. This Law is useful for government for how to use finance through out the year.

For year 2011, Ministry of Finance designed a Budget Quiz 2011 through a website. This Quiz helps then to design a Budget in a better way and according to Singaporeans. The live cast of the Budget is also available on website.

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Air Asia Online Booking

Those days are gone when flying to Malaysia for less than the price of ticket for Mumbai was possible. Air Asia has cancelled its thrice a week program of its flights to Kuala Lumpur from 26th of March. The demand of tickets is high for this route, still the flights have been cancelled. The reasons told by company for cancellation of flights are different.

First, the earned money per seat of airline is low. Second, the airport charges are high. Third, airline thinks that it can earn more money by deployment of its crafts for urban routes of Malaysia. The viability barriers for the Kuala Lumpur-Calcutta route’s operational cost were broken due to recent price-hike in aviation turbine’s fuel prices.

Air Asia Online Air Asia Online Booking

The high fuel prices along with increased air port charges have pushed the company at the brink of cancellation of its flights to Kuala Lumpur. Otherwise, if company increases its fares, the public interest will be lost due to high fare prices. Now a foreign holiday is almost out of the reach of Calcutta travellers.
Bengal government put sales tax on ATF prices, this pushed the operational cost of flying routes to increase. Simultaneously, Air Asia is paying more commission to its Indian agents than its agents of the other countries. This has not let the company to earn profits from these routes. International travellers mostly depend on agents. The company however takes no extra charges through online bookings but still very few people select this option. The Calcutta-Kuala Lumpur flights were started in November of 2009. The fares were jaw-droppingly promotional, many tickets have been taken long before their actual date. But the company still is not able to continue with these routes.

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MOM Singapore

In December of 2010, Ministry of Manpower Singapore had gathered medical examination forms from doctors for its six month durational checkup of workers. These forms were provided by doctors for update of their data. Ministry of Manpower did not applied more staff for clearing the burden over its head, instead of this, the ministry sent its reminder letters to employers of workers so that the workers could be checked up for their health purposes seperately. The reminded steps were taken in last days of Januaray and beginning days of February  2011.

MOM SingaporeMOM Singapore

So clinics had to confirm the furious and nervous employers in the whole of Singapore that the workers of them would not be admitted. Those clinics had to re-send their reports about medical aspects of workers. Lots of time waste happened in efforts related to cover the MOM’s laziness.

After these news were public, no explanation was made on behalf of MOM and neither any investigation has been started to determine the cause of laziness of MOM. However, on behlaf of public interest, it is clear that MOM is accountable for the money what is payed in taxes by public for funding MOM.

Further that, now an apology should be submitted on behalf of MOM. In the letter statement, MOM should take the responsibility of the inconvenience which caused anxiety to employers. Otherwise MOM should inform public for the reason what caused this trouble so that these troubles may not happen again.

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Class 95 FM Singapore

From Monday, Bobby Tonelli will be hosting Class 95 FM’s Cartunes segment of music with Jean Danker. The news has brought very much passion in his fans. Bobby Tonelli is a native of Nevada. He will take the seat from previous presenter Tim Oh. Tim Oh is returning to Gold 90.5 FM for hosting R&D Nites during 9pm to 1am.

Tonelli said that if he has to comment honestly, he was shocked after listening the offer. His voice was tested for checking his suitablity to do the job. He also took it seriously because it was an essential thing to enter the job. He was not informed for a few weeks about the decision about him. Then he got unsure about the suitability of his voice.

Class 95 FM Class 95 FM Singapore

Erina, she is Senior Programme Director of 95 FM, called him one day. She told that she had good news for him because the directors wanted to bring him on drive time. He enterd one of the top shifts of radio programmes. However he was excited about co-hosting a show on regular basis with Danker. He has been training with Danker and lots of trial runs they have done. Danker is great according to him. She makes very much fun. Cool is she and he alongwith her tries to find funny things out of the lines. They both are open about the things related to their program. But Tonelli is still shivered when he thinks about a huge number of people listening to him on his first day. Danker’s experienced presence in the show will help him control his temperament. He will start feeling better after the first program, as he has said.

Fears are about the show that things will take time to settle. But he will evolve into the happenings very soon and people will start loving him.?

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Friday, February 11, 2011

adrienne barbeau

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 14 titled “Smooth Criminal” featuring guest stars Ne-Yo & Lesley-Ann Brandt which airs on Friday February 11 at 9pm on CBS. You can read all our CSI NY coverage here.

Episode Synopsis: CSI: NY “Smooth Criminal” Season 7 Episode 14 – When the CSIs track down a suave and charming hitman, their investigation uncovers a conspiracy with far-reaching implications on CSI: NY, Friday, Feb. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

R&B Superstar Ne-Yo Plays the Charming Hitman. Adrienne Barbeau (“Maude”) Plays a Clinic Manager, Dr. Theola Kumi. Lesley-Ann Brandt (“Spartacus”) Plays Kidnap Victim, Camille Jordanson


Barbeau’s “ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD”: release and updates

Having scored raves and several awards over the course of its festival play last year, the Adrienne Barbeau-starring horror short ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD is now available for widespread viewing, and its creator tells Fango that we’ll likely be seeing more of the story.

ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD, which we previously reported on here, stars genre veteran Barbeau as the wife of a scientist (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS’ John LaZar) who has developed the cure for a widespread zombie virus—but can’t save her from succumbing. Indieflix picked up the distribution rights and has made it available to view on-demand here; it’s also on sale at Amazon.com on DVD for just $5.95, with a bunch of special features:

• Audio commentary by writer/director Horwitz

• Behind-the-scenes footage

• Deleted scene

• Carl Kasell’s “Zombie News”

• Trailer

“We had a lot of fun taking the film around to horror and fantasy fests,” Horwitz tells Fango. “We got to share ALICE with lots of hardcore zombie fans, and we even opened for George A. Romero, which was a tremendous honor. Shorts don’t easily reach the masses outside of festivals, so we’re very grateful that IndieFlix picked us up for on-line release. Of course, for the more zealous fans, our DVD has a lot of great stuff on it, including a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when a vegetarian actress devours raw beef. I’m glad we can finally share that with carnivorous horror fans everywhere.” And, he reveals, “I’m working on a feature version of the ALICE script.”

You can see ALICE JACOBS IS DEAD’s trailer below and check out its official website here and Facebook page here.

Malone says Sloan would never quit anything

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — An agitated Karl Malone says the Jerry Sloan he knows would never quit anything and suggested his longtime Utah Jazz coach just grew tired of garbage that came with the job and certain players.
“They changed the floor back to old school. They changed the uniform back to old school. Somebody tell the damn players to start playing like old school,” Malone said before the Jazz hosted the Phoenix Suns on Friday night. “It may work. They spent a lot of money on the rest, now how about you tell the players. I’m just calling it like I see it.”
Malone, who has exchanged phone messages with Sloan since his resignation, also took issue with some national analysts and players who were particularly critical of Sloan.
The most outspoken player in recent months had been star guard Deron Williams, who clashed with Sloan about the coach’s practice schedule and study demands.
“You’re a professional,” said Malone, a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and one of greatest power forwards in league history. “You don’t need for me to break a film down for you. If you want to stop the guy you’re playing, they pay you millions of dollars. You get you a TV and break the player down yourself.”
Sloan and longtime assistant Phil Johnson both said they decided to step down after Wednesday’s emotional loss to Chicago. Their resignations were announced at a press conference Thursday that was not attended by a single player.
That alone irritated Malone, who was drafted in 1985 — the year after Sloan first joined the Jazz as an assistant.
“I don’t even need to answer whether I would have been there or not,” said Malone, who followed Sloan and All-Star guard John Stockton into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.
“If I got something to say or do to a man, I’m going to look that man in the eye and tell him what is going to happen. That’s just me now.”
He also took issue with analysts declaring the game had passed by Sloan.
“It’s like saying the game passed Phil Jackson by,” Malone said. “Old school worked. The players (have) got to buy into the system.”
Asked if he thinks the 68-year-old Sloan was forced out rather than voluntarily resigned because he had run out of energy, Malone reiterated his statement. “I said what I said earlier. The guy I know and love, he don’t quit or nothing,” Malone said.
Asked if today’s players have too much pull, Malone thought back to his own contentious battles with Sloan over the years.
“I remember (late team owner) Larry Miller in this locker room, right here when me and coach Sloan was butting heads after a game in front of everybody,” Malone recalled.
He said Miller would drop his head and not say a word but check on both player and coach a bit later. Sloan and Malone always said they were fine and asked about the other.
“Larry never got in that because he knew we’d work it out,” Malone said. “That’s the way it should be.”
Williams has denied forcing Sloan’s hands with a “me or him” ultimatum.
“Maybe arguing was the last straw, so there I am, guilty of that,” Williams said of a halftime clash with Sloan during Wednesday’s loss. “But I think anybody who believes I could force coach Sloan to resign is crazy. He’s stronger than that and personally if I said that to him, he’d probably go tell me to go do something.”
Williams received a loud round of applause when he was introduced before Friday night’s game but there also was a smattering of boos in the crowd.
Malone said it was purely coincidental that he had plans to attend Friday night’s game, which marked the debut for new Jazz coach Ty Corbin.
He lives in Louisiana and indicated his children were on a school break and wanted to see a game.
“We had planned this trip and low and behold I didn’t know all this would happen,” Malone said of the two resignations.
“I don’t know the details, but the way things appeared to have happened wasn’t good.”
Malone says he was besieged by calls on Thursday but chose not to return any.
“Thursday was not a good day for me to react,” he said. “People don’t understand. The whole NBA lost a man who put his heart and soul and everything else in it.”
Malone wished Corbin well but said he could never replace what was lost. He also reiterated a standing offer to help out in any way he can, especially with the organization at a crossroads.
“At some point in time I will be honored if I would be mentioned as a coach,” he said, noting the time may not be right now since his son is still in high school.
“Something I’ve always stated to the Jazz organization … I’ve always been a phone call away.”

Weekend Briefing

2011 sees its first truly competitive weekend. Four pictures enter nationwide release: Just Go With It strikes approximately 4,900 screens at 3,548 locations, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never marches into north of 3,500 screens at 3,105 locations, Gnomeo and Juliet stands at 2,994 locations, and The Eagle invades 2,296 locations.
Just Go With It aims to replicate the success Adam Sandler had with 50 First Dates, his last Valentine's Day weekend release back in 2004. The idea is to appeal to Sandler's base but score with women as well with a romantic comedy premise and popular actress in tow (Jennifer Aniston in this case). In fact, both movies are set in Hawaii and have posters featuring their stars sitting side-by-side on a beach. 50 First Dates drew $39.9 million its first weekend or the equivalent of over $51 million adjusted for ticket price inflation, and Sandler has been remarkably consistent with his straight lowbrow comedies.
Both Sandler and Aniston appeared on the Super Bowl pre-game show, and, shortly before kick-off, Just Go With It had an ad targeting the stereotypical football fan: it was like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and featured an "instant replay" of the blonde (Brooklyn Decker) emerging from the ocean, a blast of Sandler slapstick and the tagline "Tell your girlfriend it's a romantic comedy." The rest of the ads conveyed the movie's premise of Sandler pretending to be married to Aniston in order to score with Decker, though the money shot has lately been Sandler taking it in the groin on a rickety bridge.
Justin Bieber has the opportunity to live up to the hype and cement his purported phenomenon status with his life story/3D concert movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Bieber's fan base of young girls may be inherently limited but the hope is that they're devoted and sufficient enough for Bieber to be more Hannah Montana ($31.1 million opening) than Jonas Brothers ($12.5 million opening). Bieber's hitting far more screens than either of those past February releases, and the launch will include 2,516 venues showing the movie in 3D. Bieber has had an omnipresent promotional tour, and the movie had a post-Super Bowl ad run during Glee. The marketing has focused more on the inspirational story of how Bieber became a sensation over the concert element. Even if Bieber were to come in second place for the weekend as a whole, it would not be surprising if it's No. 1 on Friday.
Gnomeo and Juliet marks the first family movie since Christmas, and it's the only movie of the weekend to sit out the Super Bowl festivities, though its ads have otherwise been in heavy rotation. It looks like Toy Story-light in its marketing with its premise of the secret lives of garden gnomes and comical riff on Shakespeare, but it comes off as too cloyingly one-note to reasonably expect animated 3D event-style grosses.
The Eagle brings up the rear, though it had two spots during the Super Bowl pre-game show. Period action has been the order of the day for this movie's marketing campaign, which had the burden of explaining the movie's title (it was originally called The Eagle of the Ninth, but the latter part was cut presumably to keep people from thinking of golf). Some ads had a strange horror angle in the vein of The 13th Warrior and Pathfinder, and that's not good company to be in. Eagle's murky Britain setting effectively makes it look like a Medieval movie, which is an unpopular sub-genre.
In Box Office Mojo's reader polling, Just Go With It boasted the most interest: 15.5 percent of respondents voted to see it on opening weekend. Among Sandler movies, its voting pattern was closest to You Don't Mess with the Zohan but with less interest, and its score was higher than He's Just Not That Into You and Couples Retreat.
The Eagle logged a 7.4 percent opening weekend vote, which was worse than Season of the Witch and Pathfinder. Gnomeo and Juliet was relatively better, given its genre, notching a 6.3 percent opening weekend score. That was much better than Alpha and Omega and higher than Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Readers naturally showed the least amount of interest in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Its 3.4 percent opening weekend score placed it in the same ran

maksim gelman

By Joe Jackson and Joe Kemp–Leftist New York Daily News
An intensive manhunt for a 23-year-old man who went on a killing spree – stabbing three people to death and critically injuring two others – rattled a Brooklyn neighborhood Friday.
Cops swarmed a Manhattan Beach building on Avenue R near E. 18th St. after daylong search for Maksim Gelman, who killed his first victim several blocks away at 5:09 a.m., police said.
Gelman stabbed his stepfather, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, 54, inside the apartment they shared on E. 27th St. in Sheepshead Bay before dawn, cops said.
Hours later, the raging Gelman slashed his girlfriend and her mother to death inside an apartment just blocks away. When cops arrived at the E. 24th St. home about 4:30 p.m., the two women were dead, police said.
Moments after killing the women, Gelman attacked a passing motorist – stabbing the innocent 42-year-old before stealing his Pontiac Bonneville, cops said.
About a mile from the carjacking, police say Gelman struck a pedestrian at Avenue R and Ocean Ave., critically injuring an elderly man.
A witness said he drove up to the injured man just moments later.
“He walked up the whole block in the middle of the road so slowly,” said the witness, who didn’t want to give his name.
“Then he leaned against a car and kept screaming, ‘I’m bleeding to death – Somebody help me!’”
The victim was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he was in grave condition.
Gelman – who’s 6-feet tall and weighs about 170 pounds – was still on the lam hours later, until he was spotted near Avenue R and E. 18th St. – where an army of cops, armed with high-powered weaponry and holding dogs on leashes, were still in a standoff with the suspect at 7:30 p.m.
“We’re actively pursuing him,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.
Neighbors said police had been to the scene of the first homicide several times in the past.
“I heard they didn’t get along,” a neighbor said of the victim and his stepson. “That’s all I know.”
Kuznetsov was described as a hulking man who worked hard. He drove an ambulette, leaving the condo early and returning home late.
“It’s horrible that this happened,” said Anthony Riggio, 34, the super at the Waterview Village condos. “Lives were just ruined.”
Cops ask anyone with information to call their Crime Stoppers tipline at (800) 577-TIPS.
Maksim Gelman has been in trouble with the law before. Never you mind. As long as we don’t “ask him to leave the U.S.”, all is well.

james kim

“The disappearance of Kim family” was the biggest rescue mission in Oregan’s history. The Kims went missing on Thanksgiving 2006. Husband James, wife Kati and their two young daughters, Sabine and Penelope, had been on a road trip when a wrong turn left them desperately lost in the Oregon wilderness.

“Sabine is seven months old and Penelope is four, so we’re just really worried about the kids,” James Kim’s sister, Eva Kim, told the media at the time.

Their intended shortcut turned deadly when they became stranded on a mountain road. Kim and her daughters, then 4 years and 7 months, were rescued Dec. 4. James Kim died of exposure and hypothermia after a 16-mile hike in ice and snow to get help for his family, and his body was found Dec. 6.

After nine days, the Kims’ car was spotted from the air.

'20/20' Exclusive: Kati Kim on Her Family's Harrowing Ordeal

It was a story that touched everyday Americans and prompted the biggest search-and-rescue mission in Oregon's history: The disappearance of the Kim family

The Kims went missing on Thanksgiving 2006. Husband James, wife Kati and their two young daughters, Sabine and Penelope, had been on a road trip when a wrong turn left them desperately lost in the Oregon wilderness.

"Sabine is seven months old and Penelope is four, so we're just really worried about the kids," James Kim's sister, Eva Kim, told the media at the time.

Watch a special two-hour episode of "20/20" tonight at an earlier time, 9 p.m. ET for more on Kim's story.

After nine days, the Kims' car was spotted from the air. But for the family that had captivated the nation, it was no happy ending.

In an exclusive television interview with "20/20", Kati Kim recounted her family's harrowing ordeal.

Met on a Road Trip

Kati Kim was a 21-year-old student in Seattle when she met James Kim, 26.

"I took a road trip to Northern California with some college friends and it was then that I met James," she said. "He was the cutest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life. We got matching tattoos and that was pretty much how we met. We were inseparable after that."

The couple married in Las Vegas in 1999 and later had two daughters.

Michael Burke, a friend, said they were very happy.

"They were always looking to do something better, to be something better," he said. "They had dreams. They had lots of big dreams, and they were very proactive in making those dreams come true."

James Kim worked as a technology reporter for CNET while Kati Kim managed two small shops in San Francisco. For family vacations, the Kims liked to hit the road.

"We were always going on road trips with the girls," Kati Kim said. "We tried to just include them in everything that we did."

A Happy Holiday

Just before Thanksgiving, 2006, the Kims decided to go on a holiday road trip together.

The Kims left San Francisco on Friday, Nov. 17, and headed north.

"We had been considering moving out of San Francisco for a long time and both Portland and Seattle were options," Kati Kim said.

But, she added, the main motivation for the trip "was to spend Thanksgiving with family."

The Kims did just that, spending a happy holiday with family and friends in Seattle, including Michael Burke.

"We had a great time. Everyone was happy," Burke said. "They looked a little tired from travelling but they had plans for the rest of their trip and then continued down [highway] I-5 to Gold Beach."

Facing a five-hour drive to Gold Beach, 140 miles away on the Oregon coast, the Kims stopped at a Dennys in Roseburg, Ore.

"James wanted to order french fries and I told him no, because we had been eating travelling food for so long," Kati Kim said. "And so I made him order a side of steamed vegetables instead of the french fries."

Little did the Kims know at the time, it would be their last supper together. (CLICK HERE to see photos.)

After dinner was behind them, the Kims got back on the road, with James Kim behind the wheel and Kati Kim playing the role of navigator.

Driving into the night, the Kims made the first of several fateful errors. To get to Gold Beach, they needed to take Route 42 via exit 119. They missed it.

One mistake turned into two: Instead of turning around, the couple decides to take another road that Kati Kim spotted on a map.

"We felt like we had gone too far past our turn to turn around," she said. "According to the map, there was a very clear-cut route to the coast."

A Treacherous Road

Unbeknownst to the Kims, they had chosen a remote and notorious cross-country path called Bear Camp Road. At its highest, the road's elevation is between 4,000 and 4,500 feet. It is not maintained and it doesn't get plowed, according to Sarah Rubrecht, a search-and-rescue coordinator.

"Bear Camp Road is infamous for people who don't know the area to take in the wintertime and get stuck," she said.

Believing they would hit the coast soon, Kati Kim fell asleep. An hour later, she said, she woke up to a worrisome sight.

"We were driving very slowly, and it was then that I realized that we were on some mountain roads," she said.

"I said 'James, this isn't right. We've been driving for a really long time already. Did we miss a turn?' and he said, 'No, I don't think so,'" she said.

However, amid the snow, James Kim had missed a turn: At a fork in the road, he failed to see a sign for Gold Beach and chose to head right. He chose wrong.

Believing he was on the road to the coast, he had, in fact, turned on to a logging track. And for reasons that may remain forever unknown, a steel gate that should have been locked, blocking this path, was left open.
kati kim story, kati kim, 20/20, kati kim oregon

Utterly lost, the Kims tried using their cell phones to call for help, but they found they had no service. James Kim decided to put the car in reverse easing his way to a lower elevation where there might be more of a signal.

"He opened his door so that he could see better the side," Kati Kim said. "There was a huge drop on one side of it -- huge -- and it was night time so we couldn't tell how far the drop was. ... It was terrifying."

Eventually, they stopped the car at a fork in the road where, she said, "at least we were on solid ground."

With their gas gauge and the snow falling, the Kims decide the safest thing to do was wait for daylight. They survived the bitter night by idling their engine to keep warm. The next day, they ate food that they had brought with them, as they studied their maps and waited for help.

"We were just waiting to get found, at that point, and we were certain somebody was gonna come find us," Kati Kim said.

No one came.

The family spent their second night huddled together in the back of their Saab, where James Kim had folded the seats down to make room.

They listened to the radio, which brought foreboding news: Storms were passing through the area. The Kims also had another worry: black bears.

"I remember seeing bears out there," Kati Kim said. "I remember seeing bears that looked like they were scaling a mountain going straight down a cliff.

"I got the baby out of her seat and I zipped her up into my sweater," she said. "I knew that bears are scared of loud noises. We were repeatedly honking the horn, honking the horn all night...We were scared to death!"

The following day, Kati Kim left a note explaining the family's situation on a nearby loggers' gate while James Kim hoped to draw attention to the family by writing S.O.S. in the snow in large letters.

"We were in this big clearing," she said. "We thought there was a good chance that a helicopter or an airplane would fly overhead and be able to see that." Kati said.

But no one did.

The couple worried about tiny Sabine and Penelope, who was tired, cold and wanted a hot meal. By the third day, Kati Kim decided to breastfeed both her children.

"That was a big turning point for James," she said, "as he was concerned about me getting enough food because he knew that I needed to have enough energy to breast feed both of the children."

By the fifth day, the gas had run out and, along with it, the heat. Sabine had stopped smiling, Kati Kim said, and her cries became "very sad and thin."

By the time nightfall arrived, the whole family was suffering from frostbite and feared the onset of hypothermia -- frostbite's deadly twin -- where basic human existence freezes.

The following day, James Kim, frantic to save his family, had an idea -- to build a fire and send smoke signals skyward.

It took burning all four of their car's tires along with Sabine's stuffed lamb toy -- James Kim called it a "sacrificial lamb" -- to build a fire large enough to send smoke above the tree line.

That small achievement made the couple feel triumphant at first -- but the feeling didn't last.

Terrified for her children, Kati Kim asked her husband to make a desperate pledge.

"I made him promise me that if anything happened to the children and if they died," she said, "that he would take his pocket knife, and he would slit my wrists, and he would lie us all out in the snow together."

By the seventh day, knowing his family could not survive much longer, James Kim chose the only path he believed was left -- he left the car to go in search of help.

What the Kims didn't know was that their story had captured the hearts and fears of the nation. They were completely unaware a massive search already had begun. In addition to search-and-rescue volunteers, James Kim's father, a wealthy owner of an international aerospace company, had commissioned three helicopters from Carson Helicopters Service Inc. and a search team of 25 people.

Meanwhile, two cell phone engineers in Medford, Ore. offered to help locate the Kims by tracing their cell phones and, despite several obstacles, eventually managed to help rescuers narrow their search.

By the ninth day, part-time helicopter pilot John Rachor, who had begun his own search for the family, spotted the Kims' car. He radioed for help and within minutes, more helicopters arrived at the site. There they found Kati Kim and her daughters Penelope and Sabine, suffering from frostbite and near starvation, but alive. But Kati was shattered when she learned that James had not yet been found.

"We went from this emotional high to this devastating low of, 'We've only got three; we need four,'" said Joe Rice, operations manager for Carson Helicopters.

Watch a special two-hour episode of "20/20" tonight at an earlier time, 9 p.m. ET for more on Kim's story.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Big C Starring Edie Falco, Made Laura Linney Get GG Award

Laura Linney won the Golden Globe 2011 Best Actress TV Series Comedy / Musical thanks to the role of Cathy, people with cancer in The Big C, which aired on Channel Diva.  Laura victory deserves thumbs up. No wonder he managed to defeat a series of famous actress nominated, such as Lea Michele (Glee), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) and Toni Collette (United States of Tara).
But she could not attend this ceremony because of his father, Romulus Linney, died a day before the Golden Globe Awards, in Los Angeles, USA, for lung cancer suffered. When the announcement of the winner was when she was with family in Germantown, New York. Previously, despite the loss of Laura’s moment of triumph this year, Romolus had witnessed when she first won a Golden Globe in 2008 for his performance in the TV movie John Adams and three Emmy Awards and nine Oscar nominations.
As we know, she plays Cathy Jamison figure who was diagnosed with melanoma (a type of deadly skin cancer) stage 4. He finally decided to enjoy every second of life, more free and make decisions and choices that make him happy.
Although some of them are ironic, sweet, bitter, inaccurate and even outrageous, she needs to have kept h

Trillanes names Reyes as one of Garcia’s ‘principals’

MANILA, Philippines—Senator Antonio Trillanes IV finally named former Armed Forces Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes as one of the “principals” of a former military comptroller, who has been charged with plunder for allegedly amassing P303 million worth of bank accounts and properties.
“He (Reyes) asked me to name names, and I'm naming him as what was told by Colonel (George) Rabusa,” Trillanes told reporters on Tuesday.
“(I'm naming Reyes) as one of the principals behind General Garcia and General (Jacinto) Ligot,” he said, referring to another former military comptroller when Reyes was AFP Chief of Staff from 1999 to 2001.
It was Garcia who took the place of Ligot while Reyes was appointed Defense Secretary in 2001.
When the controversy surrounding the plea bargain agreement that government prosecutor had entered into the plunder case of Garcia, Trillanes claimed that a powerful man was fronting for Garcia when he amassed his alleged ill-gotten wealth.
Reyes immediately denied insinuation that he was the man and even challenged the senator to name names.
He repeated this challenge in a letter to Trillanes dated January 14 and published in a national broadsheet this Tuesday.
“In the interest of truth, justice and fairness, I believe the good senator must now identify who this powerful person is,” said Reyes in the letter.
“And knowing you to be a forthright and just person, I am confident that when you do name this powerful person, you would be able to substantiate the allegation,” Reyes added.
In naming Reyes as one of Garcia's”principals,” however, Trillanes gave no other details, except when asked if it should be Reyes, who should take the place of Garcia.
“Yes,” said Trillanes, responding to questions of reporters.
Trillanes also offered no apologies when told that Reyes was hurt when he told during last week's hearing in the Senate that the former AFP Chief of Staff has no reputation to protect.
While he acknowledged the time honor tradition of the upper class and under class relationship in the Philippine Military Academy, Trillanes said he had to set this aside during the hearing because Reyes was trying to harass Rabusa.
Rabusa had accused Reyes in that hearing of allegedly receiving not less than P50 million send off money when he retired in 2001, aside from the P5 million that he supposedly received a month from the provisions for command-directed activities (PCDA) fund.
Reyes immediately denied Rabusa's allegation.
But Trillanes insisted that Rabusa was a “very credible witness” because he was an “insider.”
“I believe in the coming weeks, we will be uncovering more such corruption committed by these people particularly those senior officers during the time of GMA (former Presidet Gloria Macapaga-Arroyo,” the senator said.