Thursday, February 17, 2011

MOM Singapore

In December of 2010, Ministry of Manpower Singapore had gathered medical examination forms from doctors for its six month durational checkup of workers. These forms were provided by doctors for update of their data. Ministry of Manpower did not applied more staff for clearing the burden over its head, instead of this, the ministry sent its reminder letters to employers of workers so that the workers could be checked up for their health purposes seperately. The reminded steps were taken in last days of Januaray and beginning days of February  2011.

MOM SingaporeMOM Singapore

So clinics had to confirm the furious and nervous employers in the whole of Singapore that the workers of them would not be admitted. Those clinics had to re-send their reports about medical aspects of workers. Lots of time waste happened in efforts related to cover the MOM’s laziness.

After these news were public, no explanation was made on behalf of MOM and neither any investigation has been started to determine the cause of laziness of MOM. However, on behlaf of public interest, it is clear that MOM is accountable for the money what is payed in taxes by public for funding MOM.

Further that, now an apology should be submitted on behalf of MOM. In the letter statement, MOM should take the responsibility of the inconvenience which caused anxiety to employers. Otherwise MOM should inform public for the reason what caused this trouble so that these troubles may not happen again.

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