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Giacometti Biography

Giacometti is a Swiss sculptor. He was born on 10th October 1901. His death happened on 11th January 1966. His background was artistic. He was born in Val Bregaglia, it is the southern alpine valley of Graubunden. Giovanni, his father, had been a recognized painter in Post-Impressionists. Alberto was the eldest son of Giovanni. He had interest in art since his childhood.

Giacometti Giacometti Biography

The worldwide fame came to Alberto Giacometti in 1962 when sculpture’s grand prize was awarded to him at Venice Biennale. At the time when his work had gotten popularity, in a situation when a huge demand for his work had been created due to his artistic hands, he still reworked on his previous models. A perfectionist approach develops about him because he many times destroyed his pieces of art while reworking on them. Herbert Lust’s “The Complete Graphics and 15 Drawings” commented on the impact of Giacometti’s produced prints. Giacometti’s many images were described as ‘rare’ in 1970.

During later years of his life, his work was shown to public in large exhibitions. The exhibitions happened throughout Europe in a large number. In last years of his life when his health was declining, he travelled to America for showing his pieces of art. The exhibition was held at the New York Museum of Modern Art. During last days of his life, he prepared a sequence of 155 lithographs what contained his memories of all those places where he had lived in his life.
His death happened due to chronic bronchitis and pericarditis.

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

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