Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

The year os 2012 is Year of the Dragon with respect to Chinese Zodiac. The year of dragon will start from 23rd january of 2012. Sign of Dragon is fifth sign in Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 signs of animal in Chinese Zodiac. Dragon represents the creatures of legend and myths. In ancient China, celestial Dragon represented power and emperor. In these recent years, the symbol signafies happiness and success. Chinese pray this year to bring success and happiness to every one. The prays of Chinese are of good luck for every one in this year.

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year 2012

The people who are born in the Year of Dragon, they have specific characteristics. They are enterpising, innoative, self-assured, passionate, brave quick-tempered and conceited. The restrictions on them ignite their spitrits to come into life. They should be uninhibited and free.
Dragon is also a beautiful creature. It is flamboyant and colorful. It has a bundle of energies what are gifted with irrepressible. Big ideas and extreme ambitions are the things what these people possess. They are fearless, confident. They are always ready to take the challenges. Most of the time they find success in achieving their goals. They usually reach the top positions in their fields. But they should have awareness about their enthusiasm. Their pleasures come in helping the other people. Their pride in their personality restricts them from taking help from others. They are self-sufficient in their personality. They take thrilling risks. Their sign is the most domestic of all the animal signs of Chinese Zodiac.

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