Thursday, February 17, 2011

National Enquirers

Steve Jobs who is CEO of Apple, dread diagnosis has been given to him. Rumors is upon which tech world runs. Steve Jobs has gone on an indefinite medical leave, the company gave it to him due to his health complications, it is being reported that he has only six weeks of life remain according to national enquirer. National Enquirer has the best repute in world of publications. You should take this news with a high dose of disbelief, but still you will have to accept that the news is true.

The agency has reported that cancer happened to Jobs and he is receiving its treatment. The news of him have been reconfirmed by Radar Online. His pictures what have been published were taken on 7th of Feburary according to a report. He worked on 8th Feburary for a complete day in his office of Apple. Some people suggest that his pictures were taken on 8th Feburary what have been publicised now. These photos represent that Job has been suffering from cancer, infact severe suffocation happened to him due to the disease whose diagnosis has been given to him. However, Jobs has refused to tell the nature of his diagnosis. His company has also refrained from pointing out any thing related to CEO’s leave.

National EnquirersNational Enquirers

According to Dr. Jacobson who is a physician of critical care, termination of Jobs is too close to happen. Same things have been told to Enquirer by Dr. Gabe Mirking. Let you be informed that none of these two doctors have scene Jobs before. They only saw him in photo.

Jobs had stated before that board of directors of company had granted him leave. The step was taken so that he could concentrate on his health.

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