Thursday, February 17, 2011

Artscience Museum Singapore

Artscience Museum Singapore

The latest iconic structure of Singapore will display many artefacts. The artefacts what this museum will display, some of them are treasures of Mongolia; these treasures have not been shown before outside Mongolia. These treasures are from Tang Dynasty, which existed in 9th century.

Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, officially opened the museum for its first time. Public will be able to visit the museum by tomorrow.

Artscience Museum Artscience Museum Singapore

Genghis Khan who is the legendary conqueror of Mongolia, his life things would be shown in exhibition. The exhibition will continue for two months. Then it will go to United States where 200 rare features of Mongolian emperor would be shown to public. The other artefacts of Museum are of Tang Dynasty, which controlled the Silk Route trade in 9th century.
This museum has been built after four years efforts. According to the architect of Museum’s building, each room of the building has its slightly different shape and from outside geometry of the building, people are forced to think that the rooms are a ‘hand of welcome’ or a ‘lotus’. At the highest floor of building, permanent exhibitions of Artscience are for display. These have been divided into three galleries named Expression, Curiosity and Inspiration. But building mostly uses natural light for lightening its galleries. From the central part of four-story museum building, rainwater flows down to the land. The building is actually a display that creativity processes are similar of science and arts.

Construction of Art-Science Museum @ MBS

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