Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liver Liver Lulu By Lulu Lulu Scandal Video Scandal

Gan Lulu is an actress and model belongs to Beijing in China. She also appears in few movies. She is much opened model. Her mostly photo shoot is without clothes or with very short piece of cloth.

Recently she is in a scandal due to a video which was uploaded by a mother. In the video the girls is nude and taking shower. She is responding to the questions about who her boy friend will be in the video. It is considered that a woman in the video is Gan Lulu.

 Gan Lulu Scandal Gan Lulu Scandal VideoGan Lulu Gan Lulu Scandal Gan Lulu Scandal Video

Gan Lulu said that I cannot understand that how can a mother upload her daughter nude video just to attract boys for her marriage.

The video is of 80 seconds and in the video girls is taking shower and talking about her life partner or boy friend with her mother. After the response of video another video is uploaded in which the mother apologizes to Gan Lulu and said that she is not the mother of Gan Lulu. She also tells that the video looks same due to her daughter is also of 26. When Valentine Days comes she is busy in her work and she is not getting the thing which she wants. It looks to increment the status of other but I don’t thing every one gets very large.

Due to Gal Lulu openness people thought that the girl is Lulu and she is of 26 years which is same. The video is available on websites like YouTube.

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