Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Valentine’s Day 2011

Chinese have devoted a day to love in their calendar. Qi Qiao Jie is called the Chinese Valentine’s Day, it is the seventh day of seventh month of Chinese Calendar. Chinese have not associated this day of their calendar to gift-giving, but many charming traditions they have attached with this day for romance of lovers. Two legends surround the Valentine Day of Chinese.

Chinese Valentine’s DayChinese Valentine’s Day 2011

The first version states that at this date Goddess of Heaven’s seven daughters got into sight of a Cowherd, they were on their visit to the Earth when this incident took place. Daughters were in a river when Cowherd, whose name is Niu Lang, made a fun with them. He ran away with their clothing. The responsibility went on the pretiest of all daughters of Goddess to return the clothes of girls. As Niu Lang had already scene Zhi Nu in naked, she was going to get married with him. Thus the couple lived happily for many years. The Goddess of Heaven however got fed up because her daughter had been abscent since a long time. She ordered her to come back to heaven. But she took piety on that couple, as she allowed them to reunite for once every year. So now, Zhi Nu and Niu Lang are united on seventh moon of seventh month each year of Chinese Calendar.
Second version says that Zhi Nu and Niu Lang were two ships what lived on opposite poles of our galaxy. Emperor of Heaven tried to gather them. But his efforts got so focused that Zhi Nu and Niu Lang neglected emperor’s efforts to unite them. At his efforts’ neglection, emperor put a restriction on them, that now they can meet only once a year.

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