Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Zealand Earthquake 2011

New zealand earth quake

The Associated Press of New Zealand has reported that at least 65 people are confirm to be dead due to a 6.3 magnitude earth quake in New Zealand. The New Zealand Prime Minister Mr. John Key has made this statement by himself. Bob Parket, who is mayer of Christchurch, has declared the state of emerency in Christchurch. Simultaneously, the evacuation of Christchurch’s downton area has been ordered.

New Zealand Earthquake New Zealand Earthquake 2011

Reports on television have shown the crews of emergency busy in their job and helping people in quake effected areas. They were shown pulling injured victims from ragged buildings. The Pine Gould Guiness building has also partially damaged due to tremble of earthquake. Emergency crews were shown on television that they were evacuating people from one building which had caught fire due to quake. Their search and rescue missions are becoming difficult because the aftershock of quake are continuing to make their difficulties worst. Government agencies have reported that many more casualties are expected to have happened but their confirmation is not being made because the government is busy in its work of search and resuce. The main hospitals of Christchurch have been partially damaged and they are being repaired. At the same time, victims are being shifted to those hopitals what are away from quake-struck zone. The Christchurch Airport has also been closed due to the quake. The domestic and international flights will start from morning of Wednesday.
The quake struck the South Island of New Zealand around 1300 hrs time. Christchurch came in its way and an urban area of 400,00 residents has been badly effected due to the quake. In September 2010, 7.1 magnitude earthquake had struck the same area.

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