Tuesday, February 22, 2011

General Percival Singapore

General Percival’s complete name is Lieutenant Genral Arthur Ernest Percival. He was born on 26th Decemer in 1887. His death happened on 31st January 1966. He was an officer of British Army. He was born in Aspenden Lodge. He was Alfred Reginald’s second son. His mother  belonged to Lancashire cotton family. Percival’s early eucation came in Bengeo. His brother was more successful in academics. He studied Latin and Greek. He had only gotten a higher school certificate upto 1906. He had more interest in sports than his education. Tennis and cricket were his beloved games. His career at military started at a comparatively late age.

General Percival General Percival Singapore

He participated in World War I. He had made a very successful career in military between the two World Wars. That is the reason why he had the command of the British Commonwealth forces in Malaya and Singapore. He was the commander of British Commonwealth forces when Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore. He took the decision of surrender which lasted the British rule in these areas. The decision of surrender what Percival took in front of Imperial Japanese Army permanently destroyed the perception about Britian that it could be a significant dominating power in Far East Asia. He was criticised by the British people for his decision. However, the later investigational reports of the British Army’s surrender to Japanese Imperial Army have revealed that funding of Commonwealth army was not according to needs of the war-theatre’s operational area. The opinions about Percival have become sympathetic for his decision therefore.

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