Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Battle Box Singapore

The Battle Box is a boomb-proof bunker which was built in Singapore during The World War II. The Japanese Imperial Army had invaded the critical East Asian stretigic locations of Britain and they were launching the Battle of Singapore and Malayan campaign at that time. General Percival’s decision of surrender of Commonwealth Forces to Japanese Imperial Army was taken from this bunker. The news what amazed the whole British people about the fate of their soldiers in Singapore came on 15th February 1942 from this bunker. General Percival was criticised for his decision of not showing aggressiveness in reply to Japanese attacks. But at the end of war, in investigations of British surrender, it was found that British Army was less equipped and it was a low funded Army at that time.

Battle Box Battle Box Singapore

The British soldiers were not well trained and they were not well organised with respect to the nature of war what Japanese Imperial Army had imposed on them. All these things prevented Gen. Percival from showing agressiveness to Japanese. Instead, he preffered to save the lives of his soldiers. The bunker was occupied by Japanese during Occupation of Singapore. At the end of war, this bunker was sealed and its actual location was completely forgotten. In 1988, this bunker was rediscovered. The Governent of Singapore converted this bunker into an attraction for tourists. The visitors can visit this location in a guided tour. Tickets what visitors have to get for entering The Battle Box, are just like passes issued for security purposes for entrance into the bunker during Second World War. In first step, visitors get education about history of this site by presentations. Later on they are allowed to walk in this bunker on their own.

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