Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Libya Unrest 2011

Libya Unrest

The foreign news channels had telecasted news that Muammar Gaddafi had fled from Libya. The news were telecasted in the background of on going unrest in public about 41-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi. Libyans at present are demanding the ruler’s change in their country. Behind the news of foreign TV channels, Muammar Gaddafi emerged on the state TV of Libya and said that he is staying in the country. He also used the term ‘dog’ for international news channels for their telecasting incorrect news about internal affairs of Libya. He used this term for the reason that internaional news channels were reporting that Gaddafi had gone to Venezuela. He said that he was in Tripoli at that moment. He was shown speaking from the outside of his house.

Libya Unrest Libya Unrest 2011

Gaddafi, the 68-year-old president of Libya, was sitting in a passenger seat of his carriage. He was holding umbrella for protection from rain. He appeared only for a time of less than a minute on television. The time when he appeared was 2 am of the local time and 530 HRS IST. Gaddafi is trying to protect himself from the type of crisis which recently turned Hosani Mubarak out of power in Egypt. The human rights groups tell that almost 300 people have lost their lives in the on going protests for regime change in Libya. The Libyan Minister for Justice, Mustafa Abdul Jalil has resigned due to adoption of violence on behalf of government’s side for stopping the on going protests. Hillary Clinton, United States’ Secretary of State, has warned Gaddafi about using lethal force on peaceful protesters.

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