Thursday, February 17, 2011

Class 95 FM Singapore

From Monday, Bobby Tonelli will be hosting Class 95 FM’s Cartunes segment of music with Jean Danker. The news has brought very much passion in his fans. Bobby Tonelli is a native of Nevada. He will take the seat from previous presenter Tim Oh. Tim Oh is returning to Gold 90.5 FM for hosting R&D Nites during 9pm to 1am.

Tonelli said that if he has to comment honestly, he was shocked after listening the offer. His voice was tested for checking his suitablity to do the job. He also took it seriously because it was an essential thing to enter the job. He was not informed for a few weeks about the decision about him. Then he got unsure about the suitability of his voice.

Class 95 FM Class 95 FM Singapore

Erina, she is Senior Programme Director of 95 FM, called him one day. She told that she had good news for him because the directors wanted to bring him on drive time. He enterd one of the top shifts of radio programmes. However he was excited about co-hosting a show on regular basis with Danker. He has been training with Danker and lots of trial runs they have done. Danker is great according to him. She makes very much fun. Cool is she and he alongwith her tries to find funny things out of the lines. They both are open about the things related to their program. But Tonelli is still shivered when he thinks about a huge number of people listening to him on his first day. Danker’s experienced presence in the show will help him control his temperament. He will start feeling better after the first program, as he has said.

Fears are about the show that things will take time to settle. But he will evolve into the happenings very soon and people will start loving him.?

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