Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dave Duerson Dead

Dave Duerson

Dave Duerson was found dead at his home on Thursday. He was 50 year old. His home where his death happened is in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. Investigators have not determined the causes of his death up to now. According to releases of Bears on Friday, Bears are saddened and stunned over the happening. In news, Duerson has been considered as a great contributor to the team of Chicago community.

 Dave Duerson Dave Duerson Dead

He was born in 1960 on 28th of November. His birthplace was Munice, Indiana. At Notre Dame, he was a four-year starter. A bachelor’s degree he earned in economics. He turned into a key figure of 1985 team of Bears. This team had the best ever assembled defenses of the game. Richard Dent, Dan Hampton and Mike Singletary were bright features of that team. Dave Duerson was picked up in his third educational year for the team. During the next season, Duerson got six passes this settled an NFL record. This was also his career’s best performance when he scored another one making all passes to 7. His record of 7 passes was alive up to 2005. Adrian Wilson of Arizona got eight to break his record in 2005. Another Super Bowl Duerson got in 1990 with Giants the Bears had released him before. He spent last three years of his career with Arizona Cardinals. At the end of last season, he retired.

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