Saturday, February 19, 2011

Apollo 18 Movie Trailer

Apollo 18 Apollo 18 Movie Trailer

Apollo 18

TWC, The Weinstein Company, in an announcement has told that it has found rights for making of a challenging film ‘Apollo 18’. This movie is being made after the discovery of previous Soviet Union’s spy footages. Footages have been found what tell that America’s Apollo 18 Mission of Space had happened. The movie is being made due to America’s inspirational lead in the space technology during cold-war days.

This movie will have Gonzalo Lopez Gallego as its director. Russian filmmaker, named Timur Behmambetov, will produce the sci-fi thriller, which will be in the style of a documentary. Michele Wolkoff will support Timur Behmambetov in his work. Michele Wolkoff is the chairman in development of Behmambetov Projects. The production of this movie will start from beginning of December, this year. Its release plan will be issued on 4th of March this year.
The perfect Cold War story with its name ‘Apollo 18’ will shed light on the undocumented space missions of moon. The recently found footage has led Russians to believe that American’s in reality reached the moon. This movie will also portray the issue of forms of extraterrestrial life. The actual footage of Soviet spy’s will become a part of the movie of whose production will start by the beginning of December this year.

Apollo 18 Official Trailer HD 2011

Apollo 18 Teaser Trailer

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