Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seclusion Definition


The arabic word ‘Khalwat’ means isolation. The isolation happens when some one is alone. Another type of ‘Khalwat’ is ‘Chilla’. Chilla happens when a person remains isolated in some building for a complete period of fourty days. This type of ‘Khalwat’ is a sever test of spiritual powers and largely it gives rise to spiritualness of the person who abides by ‘Chilla’ with all its respects and rules. The word ‘Khalwat Khana’ means the place which is built in a house for worship purposes.

Khalwat Khalwat Definition

In old days, people went in ‘Khalwat’ for observing ‘Chilla’. ‘Chilla’ is a word which was drawn from persian words ‘chilhli’ which means ‘fourty’. Largely ‘Khalwat’ is considered as a theosophical term. If some one has to define ‘Khalwat’, this can be interpretted as ‘to speak to God in full secracy’. The sufi terminology of ‘Khalwat’ means that a ‘Mureed’ (follower) will isolate himself from world in a close, dark and small room for the pure purpose of worship. Normally ‘Mureed’ goes into ‘Khalwat’ on orders of his ‘Shaykh’ (the spiritual leader). The spiritual wisdom of ‘Khalwat’ is felt when someone goes in the situation. It is said that many people found dramatic positive changes in their lives when they went through ‘chilla’. They saw true dreams about their future.
Another meaning of word ‘Khalwat’ defines the sexual course which takes place between a male and a female for keeping the cycle of life continue. But in this meaning, largely the word ‘Khalwat’ has been used only for human beings.

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