Thursday, February 17, 2011

Park Bo Young

IU has been swept due to a controversy of minor type which came over due to the music video’s content of the track “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”. The video of Music starts with Park Bo Young who converse with an unknown shape of a hospital of psychiatry. In this scene PB Young said that her body felt unearthly recently. It was not felt to her like her own body. Was that not so that the weather had not been informal that day? On the days of that type, she felt like somebody had come to discover her.

Park BoYoungPark Bo Young

Later on Yoonsang appeared in the video. P.B. Young in this scene certified the depth of their relations. She knelt before Yoonsang and started to cry in the video of “The Story Only I Didn’t Know”. Then the figure, to which Park Bo Young was talking early, reappeared in video and said that her father had passed away. In reply PB Young said that according to people, he had been her father, but he had not been in reality.

In the aftermath discussion of video, people have thought that in video, PB Young’s hospitalization took place due to the death of her father in the Music video. Netizens have added to this and asked if it comes in appropriation of a minor issue to bring an incest topic in a music video.
People have mostly passed this opinion that the video content was created for emphasizing of the sad song’s sad atmosphere. The song is sensitive in its video content.

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