Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pretty little liars episode 15

Spencer is feeling awkward about something, the girls have a little backbiting distress, and A is just as busy as ever, on tonight’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”.
Let’s start with Spencer, who is with the other PLLs one morning after a sleepover. Aria’s been studying the photo of Alison from last week’s episode, and trying to figure out whose shadow is in the picture. Spencer looks at it as if she may already know something about that shadow.

Aria is so exciting about her upcoming first real date with Ezra (Spencer has scored her two tickets to an art opening at a Philadelphia museum), and since it’s out of town, they won’t have to sneak around (and let’s face it, shouldn’t a teacher-student love affair be allowed to surface?). But unbeknownst to Aria, a monkey wrench is thrown into the best-laid plans…

Hanna, who’s reeling from her mom’s grim news that the bank loan is being called into question by Mrs. Potter, deals with A’s latest “deal”: Hanna will get more of the missing money if she “outs” Aria’s relationship with Ezra. She arranges for Aria’s mother Ella to get a ticket for the same art opening. Hanna’s conscience tells her not to set up Aria, but circumstances prevent her from retrieving the ticket. She shows up at detention, and somehow the school’s new Mr. Fix-It, Caleb, knows a little about Hanna’s difficulty. Hanna later tries to warn Aria away from the date, but Aria thinks her friend is being a jealous hater. I hate it when the PLLs fight, don’t you?

Emily, newly re-engaged in her swim team, breaks a record during a practice lap, which angers Paige, the alpha-dog of the team. When the coach drools all over Emily, Paige threatens Em with revealing the team she really plays for. Emily tells Spencer, who apparently tells the coach, who confronts both Emily and Paige. Emily is humiliated by Spencer’s actions and tells her so. More infighting between the girls…

Spencer, armed with the photo, goes to Alison’s brother Jason, thinking that he must have taken the picture from his bedroom. He admits that he could have taken it, but he was so messed up at that time, he says he doesn’t really remember it. He also says that he partied a lot that summer with Ian. In any event, he takes the photo to his family’s P.I., who verifies that it’s real. But this only troubles Spencer more…

Finally, Spencer forces herself to remember the last time she saw Alison. The two had a big fight, after which Alison left. Spencer followed her, and somehow, the picture was taken at that moment, meaning that it’s Spencer’s shadow in the photo! You know who else seems to figure out Spencer’s in the photo? Jason!

What will Jason think of this surprise? Hanna apparently owes Caleb a favor, but how will he collect on it? Will Aria find out that her estranged parents reconnected?

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Even though the fact that last season was less than supreme, I still love these characters and look forward to watching more of Pretty Little Liars Episode 15 being told. It may not be perfect, but at least the season looks like it’s off to a good start.

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