Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brancusi Sleeping Muse

Brancusi is an artist who made sculpture of sleeping muse. His full name is Constantin Brancusi who was born in 1876 and brought up in the village of Romania near Targy Jiu. That area is also called Folk Crafts mostly for woodcarving.

Constantin Brancusi was one of the beginning facts of modern sculpture and original artist of twentieth century. He is the first who introduce abstraction and primitivism into his sculpture. His sculpture has same importance that the Picasso’s paintings have in the contribution of modern arts.

The exhibition will be held in UK and sponsored by Aviva plc. In the exhibition more than 30 Brancusi sculptures are placed and it is the first dedication to his work.

Brancusi Sleeping MuseBrancusi Sleeping Muse

He calmly simplified sculpture which indicates modernism. For his sculpture he uses marbles, limestone, bronze and wood. His sculptures were inspired by Barbara Hepworth, Carl Andre and Donald Judd. He is a friend of both Amedeo Modigliani and Marcel Duchamp.

In the exhibition the whole nature of sculpture and its material will be discussed. His sculpture of single heads will show the decrease of subsidiary detail in The Beginning of the World.

In 2004 the selection was pictured by Carmen Gimenez, keeper if 20th centuray art at Solomon Museum and developed with Tate curator from New York. These all are explained in Tate Publishing.

Constantin Brancusi was a son of poor parents; he left his village at the age of 9 and went to nearer village for work. His boss financed him and he starts education at School of Crafts in Craiova. He financed him because he was impressed with his talent of carving. His continual effort makes him a great sculpture.

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