Wednesday, January 19, 2011

coachella 2011

2011′s Coachella lineup was announced last night—and sure, it might be stacked with great bands that indie rock denizens have been fawning over since the announcement—the Death From Above 1979 reunion, the standbys like Arcade Fire, Black Keys, the Strokes, Animal Collective, Kings of Leon (if they can manage to get through this show without rescheduling).
But the one area where the festival might fall short is the kitsch factor—Duran Duran is pulling all the weight, here. For starters, people seem to actually like the new Duran Duran single in a non-kitsch way, for one reason or another. Meanwhile, a legitimate grass-roots movement had sprung up to elect another artist to round out the kistch factor at this year’s festival.
There are pages and pages filled with this sentiment. Of course there are plenty of Collins detractors who contribute terse counter-arguments like, “Yuck.” But personally I’m of the opinion that Collins’ time has come. He would have leant this year’s festival a certain cultural resonance that Duran Duran just can’t supply.
So where did the legions of “Phil Collins 2011″ troops go wrong? If you want to start a

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