Friday, January 14, 2011

most popular boy names 2009

The most popular names for children born during the first six months of 2010 were William for boys and Ida for girls, according to data released today by Statistics Denmark.
The names dethrone 2009’s most popular names, Mikkel and Freja. Coming in a distant second on the boy’s side was Noah. While for the girls, Isabella, the name of the Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s daughter, was a close runner up.
Rounding out the top three were Lucas on the boys' side and Anna for the girls.
The period’s biggest movers proved be Felix, up from 53rd to 34th, between Valdemar and Niklas, and Alberte, which improved 10 places to become the 13th most popular name, well behind Josefine, but just ahead of Laura.
Although traditional names such as Jens and Anna remain the most common, different generations are identified by certain trends and span from Mikkel and Emma for those under 10 to Jens and Anna for centenarians.
When it comes to last names, classic '-sen' surnames, such as Jensen, Nielsen, Hansen, and Andersen still dominate, but their popularity has declined considerably over the past century. While 19 percent of children born today have such names, some 40 percent of people over 80 do.
The most common name of all, according to Statistics Denmark, remains Jens Jensen for men and Kirsten Jensen for women.
Visit Statistics Denmark's name section to see how many people in Denmark have a specific name or name combination.
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