Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aubrey plaza

is in full-on diva mode in a new promo for "Parks and Recreation," shouting expletives at Aubrey Plaza, punching Adam Scott in the face and throwing coffee in Aziz Ansari's eyes.

In the clip posted on, the NBC show's cast, including, Amy Poehler, Plaza, Ansari and Scott, are in an office celebrating the series' return to the small screen on Jan. 20.
Rob Lowe steps into the room to join the fun, but expresses shock when he realizes that his handsome face hasn't been on TV for months.
"You knew that, right?" Poehler asks Lowe.
"No I did not f---ing know that," the 46-year-old actor says. "How f---ing long have I not been on television?"
A surprised Poehler tries to defuse the situation by saying it's good news that they are back.
"What's good news?" he yells. "That this [he motions to his face] has not been on TV for five f---ing months?"
Lowe then throws his cup of coffee in Ansari's face, who yells in pain. He then complains that he is out of coffee and tells Plaza, whom he calls the production assistant, to get him another.
"I'm on the show," she replies. "I was on it before you."
"There was no f---ing show before me," he says. "I'm Robert Hepler Lowe."
When Adam Scott expresses surprise at his name,

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