Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mega Millions

You could certainly buy a whole lot of toys with $355 million. Toys for you, toys for your spouse, toys for your kids, for your kid’s kids. You could pretty much buy toys for anyone and everyone.
So who is the lucky winner of the $355 Mega Million jackpot ?And how about the rest of us who might have had a couple matching numbers?
Sadly, we don’t know the answer yet. The winner will be  – if there was a winner that is – announced by the Mega Millions organization on Wednesday. But I can tell you this, the winning ticket was not sold in California or in Georgia  who already post their results.
And all the payouts per state vary and many of the state lottery sites were very much overtaxed on Tuesday night. Many sites could not handle the large amount of traffic going to their page to check for their winning numbers and Mega Million payouts.
But for example in California:
Match 5 (no mega) gets $579, 888 (two people won that on Tuesday night)
Match 4 + Mega  gets $11296
Match 4 – gets $164
Match 3 + Mega gets $145
Match 3 gets $7
Match 2 + Mega gets $9
Match 1 + Mega gets $3
and just matching the Mega gets you $2.
Some states just have $200,000 as the prize for match 5, it all seems to depend.
Were you a winner? Me? I was lucky enough to match the Mega on one. That’s a whole $2 coming my way. As for toys, I’m going to have to get mine from the gumball machine.

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