Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sister Brandi Favre Arrested Making Crystal Meth

Brett Favre isn’t the only one in his family making headlines. Days after the everlasting football star was sued for sexual harassment, Brett Favre’s sister Brandi Favre has been arrested for allegedly manufacturing crystal meth.
People Magazine reports that the 34 year-old from Pass Christian, Mississippi, was charged with the felonies of manufacturing methamphetamine and generation of hazardous waste  in her condo. Brandi’s operation was traced after two undercover police officers bought meth from two suspects at a nearby gas station. The apartment had “an overwhelming odor [with] smoke and fumes,” and meth was found cooking in the bathtub, a police sergeant said.
Brandi and two other suspects in the condo were arrested, making the total number of suspects five. According to CBS News, they range in age from 25 to 53.
According to reports, Brandi has had a criminal past, including prior charges for shoplifting and unlawful use of a weapon. However, she completed a program in Louisiana that allowed her criminal charges to be erased. Hancock County Sheriff’s Maj. Matt Karl said that officers are “very familiar” with Brandi. “She’s always in trouble,” he said.

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