Monday, January 10, 2011

Oregon vs Auburn

If you want more evidence, below are two videos showing how DIRTY the Auburn Tigers players played this evening against the Oregon Ducks in this Oregon vs Auburn BCS National Championship 2011 game.
In one of the videos, it looked like Nick Fairley was trying to break LaMichael James’ neck. It was intentional and all he got was a 15 yard penalty. This overrated southern player should have been ejected. In fact, Nick Fairley is well known for these types of antics throughout the entire 2010-2011 college football season.
In this Oregon vs Auburn BCS National Championship game, the officiating was NOT good at all. How can a BIG10 officiating team be calling this type of game? They had a horrible reputation during this college football bowl season. They missed a lot of calls, especially tonight.
The second video showed Tiger’s running back, Eric Smith, kicking an Oregon Duck player well after the play had ended. The Duck player had to briefly leave the game because he was bleeding from his head.
I have never seen a bunch of college football athletes playing so dirty like this in my entire life until I watched this game. The game got so bad that I had to turn off the television and listen to it on the radio.
Overall, Auburn has a bunch of dirty players. Cam Newton should have been ruled ineligible. Fairley and Smith should have been ejected from the game. Auburn should not have won the BCS title game. Oregon was the better team tonight but the refs did not see it that way.

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