Friday, January 14, 2011

most popular boy names 2009

Last night Million Dollar Money Drop questions focused on the most popular boy names 2009 and Christie Brinkley.
The popular Fox game show creates huge buzz online, the most popular boy names 2009 and Christie Brinkley were everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
The host of the Million Dollar Money Drop asked contestants “What is the most popular baby names in 2009?” The three choices answers for the question were:  Michael, Jacob and Ethan. Of course, the correct answer was Jacob.
The Twilight Saga movies have made Jacob a very popular name but according to Million Dollar Money Drop host Kevin Pollak, the name Jacob has been popular for over 10 years.
Another big question from Million Dollar Money Drop was about celebrity divorces.  The question was, ”Which of these celebrities had been divorced the most number of times?” The answer was Christie Brinkley. Four of Christie Brinkley’s previous marriages have ended in divorce.
Christie Brinkley was married to Jean-Francois Allaux. They divorced in 1981. She was then married to Olivier Chandon de Brailles. Olivier died in a race-car crash.
Christie married to Billy Joel for her third marriage. They divorced August 25, 1994. Next Brinkley married to Richard Taubman. Christie Brinkley’s most recent marriage was to Peter Cook. Their marriage ended with a divorce in 2008, after Cook had an improper relationship with their nanny.

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