Saturday, May 14, 2011

Backyard birding

Backyard birding

When spring arrives, we believe a renewed interest in the outside world. To listen to birds singing in the morning, there is a little more sunlight and evidence of all this wonderful green vegetation.
Birds of British Columbia, r. Wayne Campbell and Gregory Kennedy is a must have for all observers. The reference guide is colour-coded to facilitate finding information easily on any birds. Along with the techniques and tips, the book also lists the top birding locations in British Columbia, suggests hunting activities and hunting groups lists.

The enchantment of birds: Memoirs of a Birder's life by Richard Cannings, who teaches ecology field at UBC and is consulting biologist in Naramata, as well as a regular CBC Radio contributor, is full of great information in an anecdotal style of storytelling. The author takes the reader on an emotional journey across North America and the book is enhanced by beautiful drawings of illustrator Donald Gunn.

The Bird Watching answer book by Laura Erickson is a must for lovers of birds. Answers to these important questions: why blue-footed boobies legs are blue? How often should you clean your bathroom bird? Why would a Woodpecker pound on a stop sign? Included with some great questions and answers is a complete list of scientific bird names and useful glossary.

Another great book that answers many frequently asked questions about birds is the Birder's Companion by Stephen Moss. Moss is the author of several bird books and produces a series of wildlife for BBC radio in London, England. Moss has raised questions of novice and expert birders, to include in this book. Use font color, and images from Clive Dobson makes this an easy-to-read book.

Birds as a liar, solutions and bullies? The detectives Investigate the bird: secret life of birds by Bridget Stutchbury book takes a unique look at the relationship between birds and the formation of families of birds. Investigation of Stutchbury explains concerns about how birds facing environmental changes around them.

The wisdom of birds: an illustrated history of Ornithology by Tim Birkhead, one of Britain's leading ornithologists of the life and the migration of birds in great detail fun and wonderful illustrations.

And now for something completely different …

Hunting down and Dirty by Joey Slinger approaches North America bird watching with great humor and wit. Slinger might be best known as the author of No axe too small to Grind and is a columnist for the Toronto Star and host of CBC Radio fill-in as Happens. In this book, not only shares his passion for bird-watching, but also of humor, as you will have noticed the section titled "Barf bird Cannibalism, and other Outspoken issues."

If you like that one bit and exercise outdoors, this is a great exercise to perform. Fly in your local library and choose one of these great books and start adding your lives a little witch.

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