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Knox key missing father DNA experts from Italy police information

Knox key missing father DNA experts from Italy police information

ROME: the father of Amanda Knox, American woman sentenced for the murder of British student in Italy, said Wednesday that basic information held by the Italian police's missing DNA experts on the application.

"The independent experts have made requests for specific information from the criminal police to DNA test the knife in particular … This data is not provided, "Curt Knox told AFP.

Amanda Knox sentenced to 26 years in prison in December 2009 for the murder of Meredith Kercher in a drug-fuelled sex game that unfortunately injured. She bemoaned her innocence and is a long sentence.

Her father, who traveled to Perugia in front of the second appeal, Parliament Saturday, said the independent experts appointed to revise key forensic evidence had not been given access to all evidence.

"They asked for the data row in the DNA testing is a vital part of the process of testing," Curt Knox said in an e-mail message.

"They told me that you do not provide this data and this is the reason for independent experts to request an extension of the deposit of the final report," he added.

Kercher was found on November 2, 2007, with stab wounds to the neck with the room she shared with Knox cottage. During the appeal, ordered new DNA tests on the alleged murder weapon and a clip on the scene found bra.

DNA Group had 90 days to examine the evidence, but it is possible to use Saturday hearing to request additional time to submit its final report.

"Amanda did not fear the truth," said Knox.

"It will be interesting to understand why criminal police are not willing to provide the independent experts who feel that the information is necessary to provide a fully revised final report," he added.

Amanda Knox made an appearance in Court on Tuesday for the first hearing libel trial in which it is accused of falsely accused Italian police of storming and intimidation during interrogation after the horrific murder.

The defamation trial dealt briefly with procedural issues before adjourning until 15 November.

Amanda's father and mother, Edda Mellas, was also ordered to stand trial for their alleged daughter was defeated by Italian police, in an interview with Britain's Sunday Times gave in 2008.

Knox said the couple would be pleading not guilty at the trial, which is set for July 4.

Although Knox will only in Perugia for a few weeks, he said that several of his friends from the United States was Amanda to visit during the incarceration of Leila.

"This operation as well as you'd expect, for a person who is in prison now for three-and-a-half years for a crime she didn't commit and still has faith in the Italian justice system to seek the truth at trial proceedings," he said.

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