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Rangam Movie review

Rangam Movie review

Ashwin (prejudiced on January) is a British photographer and Renuka (Karthika) and Saro (Piyaa) are journalists who work with the same newspaper. Three to try to break the news and to resist stagnation for all the latest news events quickly. Ashwin's lens is creative and that captures all good.
Move forward to the next character that gets introduced Vasanth (Ajmal) and is an engineer. Although this is an engineer, the goal is to become a politician and aspires to change society. Vasanth plans to contest the upcoming elections. Ashwin who has good political contacts, makes his friend Ajmal politician for a good cause. But after a politician Vasanth turns into a corrupt politician like all other politicians and fills from Ashwin from the camp. Yogeshwar (Prakash Raj) is the Chief Minister of that political party. Vasanth joins hands with Yogeswar and forgets to do good for society. During certain unexpected incident takes the death of Saro to throw a bomb. Seeing all this, plans to reduce Ashwin Vasanth, using the same political contacts. Vasanth who are annoyed, but with the reactions of the chain plans to take revenge for Ashwin. The rest of the story is interesting projects with a twist of prejudiced on January the story.


Cool elegant, prejudiced on January looked flawless and urban character and has done extremely well. Dialogue delivery and body language are excellent and brilliant. During the implementation of this action and serious scenes totally transformed himself well and exercised the right momentum.

Karthika made entry into Tollywood with Josh failed to bag a good offers in Tollywood. But its role in Rangam is pretty good and runs with ease and boost.

Piaa Bajpai, the second female lead is also good in his role and proper adjustment journo. Piaa looked simple and elegant. Ajmal has given equal performance and be prejudiced on January an impressive performance. Prakash Raj Kota Srinivasa Rao and is good for their regular style.
Story and script of Rangam is big plus for the film apart from the excellent direction of K V Anand. This film has done with the heart and soul add also few cases real life exciting, fun and sports. KV Anand elevated the human angle of journalists. Anand actually showed clearly the courage, determination and passion to the profession by prejudiced on January.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is outstanding. This can be characterized as one of the hero. Smooth scored and where tunes which when viewed with visuals are just nice big eye. The background score is accepted and the song "Enduko Emo ..." needs special mention.
Photo by Richard Nathan is in top-class. He was made a brilliant foreign languages. Edited by Anthony is felt.
How the movie is a very detailed and deserves praise for the film is best understood in every scene and makes it clear that we are immediately in the film. The script by Subha is fast and furious.

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