Saturday, May 21, 2011

Performance passion

Performance passion

Lisa Lickel and became friends after meeting during signup to publish Conference in Chicago a couple of years ago. (see image below). Now we are working on a book together, and I'm surprised by how much gets done! Lisa has a share of the prospects for feeding your imagination from being involved in the things you are passionate about. And we all need imagination!
How deep is your passion?
An author doesn't sit around pounding on the keys all day. Real authors drains to collect experiences and to fuel their passion. I am a historian local — that is, have studied and continue to learn about the people who live in my community rural, where their ancestors came from, the games went to determine. A specific area, the Saxonia Corps feeds my imagination like no other. I Immerse myself in this.

There must be some truth in the proverb, which takes something in your blood. It is not possible to explain the passion my otherwise. You unload my third five-gallon container of frozen scat raccoon in nearby forests last winter, the snow. No escape my notice that is Valentine's day. I had hoped that this clean out of the attic of the House Saxonia winter would make it easier. Just because this once lively home has been abandoned except for mice and bats and spiders and flies, and, Oh, my, raccoons (and two spotted salamanders in the basement) and a very persistent groundhog, this does not mean it needs cleaning less than my own.

I'm obsessive.

In summer another crazy person wants to take pictures for a production of Powerpoint. I would like this House to look pleasing and may, in the situation of ageing floozy. While I extended a year's worth of guano from my favorite room of the House, I thought my obsession, and why it is so. Can I find a bottle. It is not immediately significant, but still brings to mind that this may have been a tavern and Hall, where so much is Fillmore meetings came to be. Perhaps some Prussian arrives in town, stopped at the Inn for a lukewarm and instructions for new possessions in the western part of the township. "Ach, back to the motherland, we will be looking at how Prussians – to take control of your flowering Confederation. Saxony, invoices – bah! But here in the new country – we are friends. "Hear German songs echo by plethora.

Bats chitter behind the attic door and briefly consider running so I can see what hole flying, so that we can patch it. But this is ridiculous. There are so many holes.
Could not find a filter mask this morning before completing the cleaning. Probably going to get a disease by breathing in this bat gunk and old plaster dust, I think. I think my be particles in his lungs, and then in my blood circulation. Perhaps you don't sneeze them all away, and some of this place literally remains in my blood.
Go home and write stories of friendship and loves it and found lost dreams.

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