Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ho Thian Poh

Ho Thian Poh

SINGAPORE: was expelled from the City Council of Jurong (JTC) because of incapacity, or was due to its involvement with an opposition party?
A flurry of postings on the Internet on Monday proposed that the last word.
In an e-mail response to channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, City Council Director Thian Poh said Ho officer service 25-year-old former client Soh was terminated by Geraldine mode of management agent, JTC EMASCO Township management, "for reasons of under-performance over a period of several months".

The underperformance included weaknesses in monitoring and seem to calls from residents, even as advice from supervisors "have not led to improvements," said Mr Ho.

"We would like to clarify that this was purely an issue of human resources management and the employee between ESMACO … Members of the Council of Jurong Town Council is not involved in decisions of ESMACO human resources ", he added.

Questions concerning the closure of Ms Soh began Tuesday after the golfing friend, Joel Kong alerted citizens and electronic social policy Web pages about the event.

Operation MS Soh, who was the last cheque payment Tuesday, said the journalists were suspended from work on Tuesday.

The Weekend before, was helping to distribute NSP (national solidarity party) brochures and sell some merchandise.

MS operation of Soh, who is now unemployed, she said she had worked at JTC for the past three years.

He was inspired to pursue and help NSP Steve Chia of the rally in Jurong West Stadium after reading the book.

It was the first time that helps in an opposition party.

He continued to attend events NSP even after it was suspended.

The friend, a 26-year-old legal Executive, had accompanied the NSP, where the events met two colleagues apparently JTC separately against the Acropolis, including the contractor's term.

This, he feels, has led to speculative processes that could have been due to the dismissal of the participation of the Acropolis.

Operation MS Soh had denied that he attended sessions because of the work of the Advisory.

The Office was called "approximately four to five times in the last three years" complaints from residents.

However, this was a "common" among members, he said.

Complainant did not receive any comments regarding the improvement of its services.

Mr Kong argued that operation Ms Soh received a high ranking "C" rating for service sometime between February and March.
Director of Jurong Town Council did not respond to queries regarding the schedule of functioning of Ms Soh dismissal, or a short notice.
In response to the questions of MediaCorp, spokesman of the Ministry of manpower (MOM) ergato?pallilikoy also said he has not received formal complaints from Ms Soh operation.

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