Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dancing with the stars performance in the top 4

Dancing with the stars performance in the top 4

We're Kirstie, Ralph, Chelsea and Hines, each of which must get through three dances in two-hour session of torture known as the semi-finals. I wonder if this is not pushing our stars a little too hard, as we have already seen signs of deterioration over the last few weeks and, Oh yes, partner Kym Johnson went to Hines on a gurney, during rehearsals. Obviously the wear and tear is not limited to our celebrities. But I suppose that must continue to show and Kirstie and blonder and thinner every week, so that may not be so bad!
Tom announces that there will be a winner takes all Cha-Cha-Cha, at the end of the show. I would be more enthusiastic about this, if not overdramatize "dwts" every little thing. Tenderers must dance without hearing the song! The celebrities have to flip a coin! The celebrities have to dance a dance they've never danced before! I'm Tom Bergeron not sprain something is trying to do everything from a celebrity sound clipping nails as event of the century.

A full recap of Monday's (May 16) "Dancing with the stars" after the break ...

Ralph Macchio And Karina Smirnoff
They will do a Salsa, Argentine tango and, of course, that cha cha winner takes all. This is a lot to ask a guy hobbling around with a bad knee last week, but this is not the real problem. This is obviously funk questioned so that Karina wants to get a booty Configurator as a bigger butt will improve the salsa. I hope that this plate. Fortunately, we can see it immediately, as we have until the first Tango.

This seems a little sleepy. Avoid misunderstanding each other, because love with Ralph, but looking tired. The dance, however, seem very well technically. He's Nailing the steps. This just doesn't seem to be to be there. This is strange, since it is usually as good selling a dancing Ralph, even a modest.

Len says that lacked emotion but thought has done a good job. Bruno said he was too Stern and detached while holding Karina. Like most Latin lover. The crowd erupts in booing. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno.

Carrie Ann: Len 8: 8: 9 Bruno for 25 out of 30. Not bad. I hope Ralph brings a little more heat of salsa. Perhaps the wax on, wax off something really really helped.

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkosvskiy
This five meals a day, eat to sleep as much as possible and many hot diggety dog said. I think this really says is that for some reason. She and Maks: have a system, or at least dysfunctional pattern. To fight. House; this. Then they hug fuzzy. Is tired, but this will persevere.

Eh, is a waltz, which is always difficult to do and a bit boring to watch. Could not dress like Kirstie costumers is in "The Lawrence Welk Show"? Seriously, this dress is shiny, while the diaphragm moves nicely. There are a few moments, but overall this precarious is evil. I would like to hope for better it near the semi-finals.

Bruno thought sailed beautiful. As a boat. Nice, Bruno, every woman wants to be compared with a boat, although, of course, that dress was not helping matters. Carrie Ann thought that transformed the ballroom stage. Len thought it was a Klingon hanging for Dear life to Max, but it was not. I love it when you can tell the judges have written material you want to use, and will go to any length works, even if it doesn't fit.

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