Friday, May 13, 2011

Predatory birds attacking dogs in London

Predatory birds attacking dogs in London

Surgeons at Chelsea, reflect the region's capital of England, have been recently treated three small dogs who have been attacked by hawks, leaving with bleeding wounds.
Miniature dachshunds also aimed at the prestigious London addresses, such as Belgravia.
The hawks, which grow to a height of about 50 cm, intended to control pigeons of city by intimidation and supposedly not to attack any animals.

But in a recent incident, a hawk attacked in a four-month-old Jack Russell puppy and tried to carry away, the Telegraph reports.

Rebecca Walsh Walking the Fleur at Millbank gardens puppy, two weeks ago, when it was attacked.

"I attacked you on the prey and wildlife programs," he said.

Miss Walsh in Fleur to stop hawk from lifting off the ground.

"The hawk really dug the talons. There was blood everywhere, in the mouth and nose of Fleur, "he said.

Fleur was rushed to the VET immediately and be resolved. Has made a full recovery.

The control of parasites responsible for VET bills paid the hawk but insists the offensive was a freak accident.

Harris hawk owner Nick Robertson insists the birds are not trying to kill small dogs but for fear of attack.

The hawk attack a dachshund before 18 months and claims the bird still traumatised by the incident and has not been used for control of the pigeon House.

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