Friday, May 13, 2011

Former Tennis Star Anna Kournikova

Former Tennis Star Anna Kournikova

Always mention the Anna Kournikova, me giggle. I just wanted to come back in the world of tennis full time. I miss seeing you attempt an important tournament victory.
Let's be real, I miss seeing it. Well the latest skinny on the wonderful world of Kournikova is that this is the sale of her house.

It is almost just call this what it is to sell a home. The palatial estate is 6,600 square feet. Is obviously a pool, and a two-story guest house. This means that even Sarah's visitors are twice as great as I am.
The funny thing is, there is no tennis. This is not surprising as Anna only Tennis games genre.
The percentage of the mansion is 9,4 million dollars. You may need to double my documents path. In two centuries, can I just pay downwards for this beauty.

If you're in the market for intimidation than take an issue with photos of the mansion. You can see them with vivid detail here.
The only thing that is better than life at home will live there with Anna Kournikova. I would love to see this moved into the House. I doubt that this downgrade a Studio in the city. The lady loves the rooms. I know, the last House had seven of them.

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