Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miley Cyrus spend mother's day in Argentina

Miley Cyrus spend mother's day in Argentina

Miley Cyrus spent the day her mother with her mother, Tish, in Argentina. The duo hit the city and was left fans before heading home to pamper themselves with pedicures.
While Miley Cyrus were not always the best relationship with her father, Billy Ray, she and her mother always appeared to be close. The pair have been spotted together similar many times, far more than any other Tish with the children.

While it is great that Miley and her mother is such great friends, Tish perhaps could use their superior time to speak to it for the crazy life of living daughter. Cyrus ' Star burns brightly, and the pressure has gotten more than once.  The 18-year-old already has videotaped smoking Salvia, had sports photos released, and had a number of calls for closing of the wardrobe. The real test of a strong mother-daughter relationship is when times are tough.

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