Sunday, August 14, 2011

Age Of Empires Online

Age Of Empires Online

There are many things about the age of Empires Online that is better than the games that came before it. But what I like most of these earlier versions (Yes, even in the Age of Empires II … even the rise of Rome expansion) is that for the first time in my life, I'm his father, not his son, the games long, late night, play with my family.

The fact that it can play with my son, while the sentimental, there is no reason the same unto my adoration of the game, just highlights what is great about this new take on the collection, building and conquest.

I spent a few sleepless nights playing age of Empires Online, offline. Although technically I was still connected to the internet, you should not, and does not make sense, for some reason-game mechanics. I completely ignored the possibility to play friendlies and competitive as I played through quests in age of Empires Online as if I deal with the campaign of one of these earlier games age.

While the basic mechanics of age of Empires Online is quite reminiscent of previous versions of the game, the overall approach to the game has an element of persistence that changes everything.

New core of the game is built around a persistent city that is home to both the game's multiple quest involved and ornamental cherry of the war, but also things that allow you to permanently shape and increase your armies.

Because capital is always there for you, you can't change until cultures whenever you feel like it. Instead of these cultures and their capitals is as you build your character in this always online game. The game starts with only two cultures to start with: Egypt and Greece. I chose the former, my son the latter.

The capital is created by unlocking blueprints for new buildings. These sites allow you to do things that provide a permanent bonus armies, and even new units. It is also where, as you level up through adventures that you create using your tech tree points earned. Tree tech doing things such as a bonus to your walls, your spearmen or a little more dangerous. Once activated, all of them coming in the game, each time you make a search. There are also consultants you can assign to your culture that offer massive bonuses. One, for example, all the soldiers gives me the ability to heal slowly over time without a priestess.

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