Friday, August 12, 2011

Power ball

Power ball

Updated at 11 pm, August 10: 228.9 million Powerball Prize dollars, one of the largest ever, was announced this evening.
Winning numbers are: 46 – 41 – 36 – 18 – 11 – 38 (red ball).
You're the big winner? Go ahead and notify us here.
Posted at 3: 48 p.m., August 10: is literally a game numbers.

The Powerball lottery drawing at 10: 59 p.m. tonight can do one — or a pair — Americans very rich, as the jackpot has reached 220 million dollars.
It is one of the 10-biggest pot ever Powerball, although it remains $ 40.2 million smaller than Columbia Solomon Jackson Jr. won in August 2009.
Regardless of this, convenience stores and other retailers are seeing some additional traffic lottery as individuals take an AChE with odds of 1-to-195 million.

"We pick up, you know," Midlands supermarket worker Naomi Hutson said about ticket sales. "When it gets up and [jackpot], everyone starts wants one."

He said that while the activity is of course more time of the day, as many people get off task will stop and buy a Powerball ticket $ 1.

"Right now is slow, but later this afternoon," he said.

People can buy a Powerball entry until 9: 30 p.m., allowing an hour between the latest sales and public disclosure of earning numbers at local CBS television affiliate WLTX.

From the moment they take home the golden ticket ' overweening, there is nothing else to do than to wait on those numbers. That has not stopped people from doing their own clouds coming ... to help them win.

Jackson 2009 win marked the last time that a South Carolinian took home the jackpot.

But S.C. Education Lottery Executive Director Paula Harper Bethea hopes the next Powerball winner is here.
"I know I will be watching Wednesday night drawing with my fingers crossed hoping South Carolinian will hold a winning ticket" Bethea said in a statement.
"Obviously the winner gains, but the State when a jackpot winning ticket sold here."

If you have won tickets this evening, will receive the cash value of the wokyttarwn, estimated $ 118.8 million.

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