Monday, August 8, 2011



Waiting for the day of friendship. Friendship Day will be celebrated throughout the world on Sunday, August 7, 2011, people of all age groups are waiting for this day, to greet their friends.
Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of the month of August. This is the day when friends express their faith and care for their friends.

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The market will be filled with a variety and colours of friendship day zones and gifts. New this day do not mind spending their Dear ones from based business gifts and friendship bands.

However, because it is a computer and a mobile phone world, people do not miss to send text messages and offers to friends and family.

Here are a few SMS messages and offers that you can send to your friends to remember and wish their friendship day.

* Never abandon old friends. They r hard 2 replacement. Friendship is like wine: becomes BETTER as it grows older. Just like us … I can find better u get older.
* Sweet, handsome, intelligent, spontaneous, good looking, Nice friends, prigkipas, funny, adapted enough for me! About u?
* Good friend is like a computer? my life ur ' enter ', ' save ' u in my heart, ' form ' ur ' verse ' problems, u (2) opportunities and never delete u from my memory!
* A friend is never a coincidence ur life, r meant to enter ur life bring u joy and laughter. Therefore, I treasure friendship between us.

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