Saturday, August 13, 2011

BlackBerry 9900

BlackBerry 9900

RIM, the company behind the BlackBerry brand is at the end of shooting for late when it comes to press coverage with many stories circulating about whether the company has a future.

It is therefore surprised RIM fired back this week and decided to leave their products to do the talking. This first is the new BlackBerry bold 9900 due to start in UAE in late August.

The BlackBerry Bold has the fourth iteration of the series started and fortunately I am the owner of all four devices. I had actually seen the 9900 bold for the first time in May this year when I was in the BlackBerry world in Orlando, where RIM had made the announcement of what was to be expected with bated breath as the next popular series of BlackBerry Bold handset. I had the opportunity to actually play with the bold 9900 at the time, but the last one week, the local Office of RIM sent me a headset to use and I must say that I am impressed.

As with any device, is going to be some things that you like and some things that you do not like.  In this case, you probably have to say, I liked overall more things.

The keyboard was a matter for debate, as RIM has always recognized for one of the best keyboards having there, and they haven't disappointed this time. The keyboard is the largest that RIM has never in any of their devices, and even if you have fat thumbs, is quite easy to use.

Touch functionality and type

What have I loved most was the touch functionality and type. Can be used to screen on the 9900 bold, such as a touch screen so if you want to quickly check a message to go through Facebook or just open a menu, you can tap on the screen. You still have the trackpad to do all this for you, if you want. However, there is no keyboard on the screen so that what has to be typed via natural keyboard. I actually don't bother it. This release to know you can swipe through your images or zoom in on the phone without having to rely on a touchpad, especially since that is what we do best, most only touch devices. Tactile and type is not new, RIM had this about 9800 torch, but I prefer a candy-bar phone design instead of a slider so this to me is the winner.

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