Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Godfather

The Godfather

• An eclectic night of IT, starting with competitive Classics. In the movie, Encore provides an adaptation of literary classic Moby Dick (8 ET/PT), while AMC broadcast the Godfather Part II (8 ET/PT), a firm contender for more "best film ever" lists, and one of the rare sequels that many critics regard as better than the original.
The following films stretched the tale at the point of decreasing — but skies were the first two Godfather good.

• If you prefer classical music, PBS is live from Lincoln Center: opening night mostly Mozart Festival.
You can find arias, the Sinfonia Concertante and the Linz, all certain to make you feel good about owning a television.

• Speaking of music, one of the hottest musicals on Broadway is in the book of Mormon, the creators get South Park (comedy, 8: 30 a.m. ET/PT). But this is almost the first brush with the religion.
Tonight, the Park dates back to 2003 for the "All about Mormons" that tells what happens when a nice Mormon family moves to the city.
• One of the best light entertainments of the summer, white collar (USA, 9 ET/PT), Eliza Dushku takes the visit as an Egyptologist helping Neal and Peter break ring smuggling.

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